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SGBA Challenge: Most Educational Review

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Supergreat has brought a lot of people together for the love of beauty and one of the most beneficial aspects is the education component. Reviewers giving us their best advice and information on products has helped many—including myself—pick between skincare, haircare, and other beauty products that they weren’t sure would work. We’ve collaborated with Ulta and epic brands to implement our reviews on their website, and people come to Supergreat for that reason. It’s a chance to learn something new, see a product in action before you buy it, and learn from diverse individuals with professional experience on certain products.

For this challenge we want YOU to be the teacher, now you don’t have to be an expert to give an educational review. It’s important to do your own research and also combine that with your own opinions for a truly educational review that’ll help someone in whatever new purchase they’re about to make. Two of our smartest cookies Enid and Abi are hosting this challenge, check out their reviews below.

Enid's (@enid) Educational Moment

"An educational review, very simply, is about sharing information that could help someone find the next product for them beyond your own personal experience. On the skincare front, your review could include background information about what the active ingredients are targeting, why they’re effective, how you should apply for the best results, and so much more."

"But the great thing is you don’t need a chemistry degree to be educational! For makeup, you can share application knowledge and tips galore, or the formulation reasons for why a liquid foundation might be preferable for certain skin types. Don’t forget that information about a brand can be educational too: I always appreciate it and I know other Supergreaters do too when you learn a brand is vegan, cruelty-free, or even has a give-back component to their business!"

2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Abi's (@abigailrena) Teacher Moment

"An educational review includes any information I can't learn from the product description. It can be as complex as describing the science behind a key ingredient or as simple as explaining the texture or the smell."

Miracle Balm

Show Us What You Got!

As usual, everyone will get 50 coins for participation, and the winner will not only receive 300 Supercoins, but they will also receive an extra special (and totally nuts) prize that we will reveal in a live event on April 8th. You have until April 7th to enter.

Also, don’t forget to show the nominated brands you love what they mean to you and VOTE HERE!


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