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MoisturizedPrincess' Romantic Pastel Makeup Challenge

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Welcome to MoisturizedPrincess' Romantic Pastel Makeup Challenge! To enter this challenge, recreate this Supergreater's look by following her tutorial below. Add your review here showing your final look, and we will give everyone who participates 15 coins. One special winner, chosen by MoisturizedPrincess, will get 100 coins. You have until 07/24 to enter—good luck!

Instagram: @moisturizedprincess

Why she chose this look: "This is sort of my quintessential daily makeup with a punch of glitter and a foxy winged liner. I love romance and self-love so I wanted to create a soft and dreamy look that encapsulates that idea. I also love faux freckles—and real freckles—so I wanted to showcase that."

Her favorite rewards from Supergreat: "The Undone Beauty Water Bronzer is a fool proof bronzer that applies like a fresh splash of water to the face and blends seamlessly. It is my go to on lighter makeup days. The Supergoop Shimmershade is a beautiful one step eye color with the added benefit of spf or as a nice luminous base for eyeshadow on the days I know I’ll be headed outside. The Cocokind Oil to Milk Cleanser is a great daily cleanser for makeup wearers and sensitive skin types. I love that it contains prebiotics to help feed the probiotics in my other skincare products. Definitely a regular cleanser in my skincare routine."

Follow her tutorial below!

Sugarcane + Vitamin E Lip Sleeping Mask
Hydro Grip Primer
Bite Beauty Multistick (Praline)


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