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Match Your Makeup to Your Outfit Challenge!

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Remember the Match Your Makeup to Your Mask Challenge? We'll I'm back with yet another matchy challenge, but this time I want you to match your makeup to your outfit, whether it be pants, a top, a sweater, socks, ANYTHING.

I bought the best pants I've ever seen a few weeks back (on sale, I must add) and immediately thought they were great inspiration for a makeup look, so I busted out my favorite children's face paint palette and painted a rainbow. The next day, fellow SG staff member Yracema came to work in an equally amazing shirt, so I challenged her to match her makeup to it—and that's how we arrived at this beautiful artwork. Now it's your turn!

CHALLENGE: Match your makeup to your outfit any way you want! Get creative! Get wild! We love it! Add your review of your look below and everyone who participates will get 20 coins. One winner will get 100 coins. Only one entry per person will be counted and you have until 03/08 to enter! GOOD LUCK.


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