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Match Your Eyelids to Your Mask in This Challenge & Giveaway

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The expression on my face (or I guess in my eyes) in the photo above perfectly sums up how I feel about wearing a mask in a heat wave. But if we have to wear them (which we do) we might as well try and have fun with it.

For this look I used the 16 Wishes Palette from Florence by Mills, a magnetic breakable palette with cute shimmery shades of blue, pink, and gold. For the blue squiggly accents, I used my HG Bowitzki face paint cakes (you know, the children's face paint I can't stop talking about) and applied it with a thin brush by Suva Beauty. I also came across these reviews by user Duke, demoing a coordinated animal print look.

NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base
NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base
NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base

I want to see how you pair your makeup and masks—every person who participates in this challenge until 06/30 will receive 10 coins. Only one entry per person will be counted, but please add as many reviews as you like!

We'll also be giving away 5 Supergreat masks (like the one I'm wearing above) to randomly selected challenge participants. Add yours below, I cant wait to see it.


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