person holding up makeup on a pink background

Beauty Blueprint

Makeup Routine Sprint

by @susiebenitez
Aug 06, 2021


Welcome to the Supergreat Games! From August 2nd to August 8th, we will be hosting non-stop challenges testing you in the fields of makeup, nails, hair, look recreation, and skincare. The stakes are high; each challenge will have 3 winners. The bronze medal winner will get 300 coins, silver will get 400 coins, and gold will get 500 coins. Every participant will get 50 coins, just for trying. Only one entry per person, per challenge, will be counted. So give each challenge your best shot, and may the best in beauty win!
My challenge is the 60-second makeup challenge, which I honestly feel was made for me. I love doing my makeup quickly and I really gravitate towards products that tend to be easy to apply; grab-and-go, multi-use products. I feel like most of my everyday routine can be done in 5(ish) minutes or less. Now... 5 minutes might be quick but it is not one minute... I realized that about 20 seconds in. I don't often do long looks, but I'm trying to! I've been saying how I wanted to learn eyeshadow for literal years now.
For my challenge, I wanted to do my usual products. And by usual, I mean favorite, more or less. No matter where I'm going, I always add a little blush and highlight. Everything else is pretty much optional or depends on my mood. This is a true challenge since the time constraint really sneaks up on you! Even with the short time my biggest tip––DON'T FORGET ABOUT BLENDING! It takes longer than you think! This was my fatal flaw!
CHALLENGE: Do your makeup routine in 60 seconds or less. That's 1 Supergreat review, friends! The person who uses the most products in the least amount of time wins. Only one entry per person will be counted, and everyone gets 50 coins. You know the SG Games drill by now: bronze medalists get 300 coins, silver gets 400, and gold gets 500. By the way, we've added more prizes for the top 3 winners that will be announced in a few days—so take a deep breath and GOGOGOGOGOGO. You have until 08/12 to enter.