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Makeup Inspiration Ideas for Every Occasion

The harsh reality of this past year is that most, if not all, of us have missed essentially every holiday and event due to the pandemic. Thanksgivings were intimate, Valentine’s dates were spent on scheduled Zooms, and parades and parties were replaced with virtual programming.

Nothing quite beats the real deal when it comes to a celebration, but we don’t have to tell you this. Entering into a post-pandemic world can be scary, exciting, and even uncomfortable as we try to navigate social situations again. The last thing you should be worrying about is what look you’re going to pull off for your next function!

At Supregreat, we’re serious about our festive makeup. That’s why we’ve compiled these tips and tricks that apply to all of the parties you’re about to be filling out RSVPs for again. Did you miss your July Fourth BBQ last time around and can’t remember where to include the blue mascara? Was your at-home Halloween a little underwhelming in the costume department?

Let’s go back to the basics and revitalize those showstopping looks that you can use and reuse for all of your special days.

The Ones We Forgot

Ok, so you’ve been in your pajamas for the past thirteen months. We get it. It’s time to dust off that layer of popcorn, put down the wine bottle, and move on to your makeup bag. What do you have inside? Most of these ideas will use colors and products you already have right on hand!

St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans

Let’s jump right into the first-holiday loss we experienced in 2020; St. Patrick’s Day. There’s nothing better than going to watch an old-fashioned parade, spending the afternoon in your favorite Irish pub with friends, or letting yourself believe in the magic of folklore for the day.

The key element to this occasion is, of course, green. And we mean green everything. Whether your family has roots in Galway and you get to sing the Ed Sheeran song with an added meaning, or your pride is a little falsified, everyone glows in the emerald hue on March 17th.

Look for St. Patrick’s Day range from simplistic and fun to vibrant and rowdy. Just like with any event, it is up to your discretion how hard you want to go on these ideas. Since this holiday falls right at the end of winter and straddles the beginning of spring, most places tend to have colder and drearier weather. This isn’t always the best news for skin, but it is amazing for more complex makeup (no heat means no melting).

Leprechaun-Approved Liner

Some ways to incorporate some festivity into your regular routine include adding a bright or dull green eyeliner. You can leave your eyelids bare or go along with traditional shadows in nudes. Be conscious of colors that go along with green and those that don’t. Reds may fall into Christmas territory and your friends might be a tad confused.

It helps that green looks are in, generally speaking, this 2021. We love the UV Hydra FX’s green shadow offering for its creamy consistency. An incredible green liner is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liner in Electric Empire, but only grab this one if you’re committed to a pretty shimmery color - it definitely has a noticeable sheen and may come across as slightly sparkly.

Liquid Gold

Green lipstick is essential, and again a great option if you’re only focusing on switching up one element of your makeup. You can aim for a matte finish or a shiny one, whatever you like. If you’re planning on packing some glitter onto your eyelids, however, regular lip color is probably your best bet. We’re looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, not on your face!

However, we may find some of the treasure in smaller doses. Gold is an excellent addition to your eye looks. One of our favorite spinoffs for this is to do a halo effect with gold in the center of your lid and greens or oranges smoked out on either side (don’t forget that orange is your friend too. We’re trying to include all of the elements of Ireland’s flag if possible). You can even add some glitter or highlighter into the inner corners of your eyes to really tie it all together.

Metallics are also abuzz in the makeup community this year. While gold is technically a transition metal, it shares a ton of the same properties as metallics like its radiance. If you’re planning on using some gold shadow, foiling is an excellent method to try out.

Essentially, all you have to do is dip your chosen brush into a bit of primer or add a bit of your setting spray to its bristles. Wait until it is just about damp and then place it in your shadow. Dab that onto your lid and it will set for hours. Neat, huh?

Green and gold mascara, tinted highlighter, lip liner, brow pens, etc. are always welcome for this holiday. For moments that are marked by particular colors, it is fun to sneak them in as much as you can. Our word of warning is just not to go too over the top with the green and equal it out with the gold for a more balanced look.

Valentine’s Day Variations

Got an important date to look forward to in the upcoming months? These looks are perfect for some year-round romance but really put us in the mood for a heart-shaped dessert with two spoons and a February 14th snowfall in the background.

For Dinner Glam

While your partner is busy working out the details for the restaurant, indulge in a little self-love with these bomb V-Day looks.

  • Red is the classic color of this holiday, along with its entire gradient. We are obsessed with letting a pale pink eyeshadow speak for itself. It’s flirty and cute without being too dramatic. You can spice it up with a wing, maybe even in a brighter pink, but we think it's perfect as is.

Pro tip: Pink lipstick, or any color lipstick, that has an undertone in blue is the best for highlighting your pearly whites. It brightens better than your 7-day teeth whitening kit that probably tastes bad, anyway. Plus, it’s festive! Not down for pink lips? Red is the best go-to. Classy, sophisticated, and traditional.

  • Smoky eyes are always alluring, but try adding one to an otherwise natural look. This is subtly sexy and bound to have them staring at you all night long. All you need are three tones of the same color; of course, blacks and greys are most commonly utilized, but you can be creative. Like we always say, don’t forget to blend when you try this look!

  • This holiday is the best occasion to go wild with your blush. 2021 has placed blush at the forefront of nearly every popping look, and we can see why. You look windswept, a little flustered, but also gorgeous. Make sure to add a baby or pastel pink shade across your nose as well and not only your cheeks. Dust it on your lips for an extra effect.

  • Lip stains are incredible for an easy lip finish with minimal budge and a sultry look. Maybe you just ate a popsicle, or maybe you actually just kissed your lover. The world may never know!

Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color
Gloss Bomb Cream Color Drip Lip Cream
Double Date Lip and Cheek Tint

In Case of Emergency: Lights, Camera, Action

Back in May, we posted an article for all of our readers anticipating hanging out with their boos over video chat. Thankfully it appears that our intimate moments will likely be in person going forward, but we now live in a world that accepts Zoom as a replacement for cancellations (plus, we’re well aware that this pandemic has a timeline all its own). So, what should you do if circumstances throw you back into a virtual evening? We’ve got you covered!

  • Foundation is important for a full-coverage look behind the lens. Avoid formulas that can appear caked-out, as this is likely to be amplified under harsh lighting. A matte type can reduce an oil complexion.

  • Concealer covers any blemishes that may have popped up as you stressed out getting ready to see your crush! Been there, done that.

  • Lamps, overhead lighting, and ring lights can all be used to illuminate your face on the screen, but they can also majorly flush you out. Try adding some highlighter to make your best feature pop. Warm-toned blush is best for on-camera and looks effortless, like a summer glow.

  • The brighter and more dramatic the lip color, the better. 2021 is the year of lipgloss and natural tones, but not when it comes to the filter that your laptop throws your image through. Distortion can lead to minimized features, and we want your lips to pop! Pout it up.

  • Accentuating all of your best assets includes falsies and a decent amount of mascara. It can also mean throwing it back to some 2016-style brow fillers. It may look a little overdone in your mirror but remember; more is more for a processed perception.

Under Cover Concealer

Fourth of July Finds

Our next holiday is the Fourth of July. With grilling, dancing, and fireworks, this occasion falls smack in the middle of the best (but hottest) days of summer. If you’re hoping to really show off your patriotism this year, here are some looks that even the founding fathers could rock (yes, we’re pretty sure Benjamin Franklin would love a good red eyeshadow if it was pigmented enough).

Your focus can range anywhere from a bold and brash red lip, accentuated with pot glitter and gems, to the most elaborate red, white, and blue eye makeup that anyone has ever attempted. Try out a solid base color in one of the three hues from the U.S. flag. Maybe your eyes pop more with a specific one. Place that across your lid with a flat brush and incorporate a nice, even liner across your top lash line in another shade.

Cat eyes can’t get any more classic, and we’re bringing back retro style this year. Section off this look in red, white, and blue with some added stars on your lid. You can extend the color for the section of the liner that rests on your middle eyelid for a base where your stars can be drawn.

Stickers, jewels, and star-shaped glitter all work great to emulate that true flag effect. Your star designs can even go it alone across your face, dusting your cheeks or resting beside your eyes. An inverse flag can is also attractive to the eye, with blue on one lash line and red alternating on another.


Whatever you’re planning to do in these upcoming months, we all deserve a celebration that is twice as large to make up for the ones we didn’t get to see through this past year; proper cookouts, parades, and parties abound.

As we ride out the rest of this year, we want you to know we’re committed to bringing our community the most playful, innovative, and gorgeous tutorials for all occasions. In fact, be sure to check out our Halloween makeup tutorials, including this Bride of Frakenstein look and Alien look, so you can do some planning ahead for the spookiest holiday of the year.

Happy holidays, past and present!


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