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Decades Challenge - 1960s

by @totaltrashmamma
Aug 03, 2022


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What do you think of when you think of the 60s? Hippies? The Beatles? Vietnam? A lot happened. And all of it is fair game for our next challenge.

The 60s, like every other decade, had their own beauty trends that are iconic for the era. There were bold eye shadows, beehives, and a lot of piece sign stickers.

You might be feeling groovy or psychedelic. Personally, I'm a big lover of The Beach Boys and the California surfer aesthetic. But however you feel give us your best 60s glam.

Abi's Green Glow

"This look is a recreation. I first created this look over a year ago for Eliza's birthday party. It was '70s theme, but '60s go-go fashion was having a revival at the time so I decided to lean into it. I ordered a green swirly minidress from Zara and white boots. I wanted my makeup to match. Luckily I had SUVA's Hydra FX liner in Fanny Pack, the perfect shade of green. It also glows under blacklight, which makes it the perfect product for a night out."

Alexis' Blue Bombshell

"I have a slight obsession with old magazines and editorials. The one mainstay look that keeps making its way back through my issues is the Twiggy inspired 60’s look. It’s a very fun and mod makeup style if you want to venture into bright colors without the fuss of blending and ombres (I still love a good Smokey eye). It’s also really easy to achieve. My favorite thing to do in my everyday makeup is use a white eyeshadow (I love about face’s shadow stick) to line my water liner that makes my eyes look bigger. Also if you know what’s good for you, you’ll try Selena Gomez’ tweezer trick to achieve chunky lashes that twiggy and this 60’s look popularized"

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Get Groovy

Show us your best 1960s look. It can be hair or makeup, just make sure you are going all in on the era. You can pick a 60s celeb to copy (cough cough Cher) or just do a general look. But give us the best era specific look you can.

Everyone who participates in this challenge will earn 20 coins. The winner(s) will receive 100 Supercoins. Please note that unrelated videos, spam, or any entries not following Supergreat's Guidelines will be removed and ineligible for participation Supercoins. You have until 8/16 at 12 PM EST to enter: Coins will be awarded within a week after the challenge is closed.

Congratulations to our winner, Alleex and Lovebeauty2!