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Super Dupes for Summer

by @totaltrashmamma
Aug 04, 2022


Summer beauty routines can be expensive. You need to make sure your makeup doesn't sweat off and you need to be applying SPF every two hours (which you should do all year round, but let's be real a lot of us only follow that rule when it's hot out). Overall its a lot of work.

Plus with new seasons come new trends. This summer we've seen white eyeliner, dewy skin, and under eyeshadow. You might not have the money to always keep up on every new trend that comes around.

That's why we always love a good dupe. Expensive makeup is often better quality and easier to work with, but not always. There are always some cheap alternatives that do the job just as well if not better.

So if you are looking for some summer dupes to get in on all the latest trends, we've got you covered. Our Superhosts and staff have compiled some of their favorite dupes. See what works and why we love these products.

"I love Coola’s SPF face mist because its a breeze to reapply and doubles as a setting spray!"
"I love the Wet N Wild blush because you get the same pay-off as the Charlotte Tilburry without the high pricepoint and without the sold out wait!"
“This is my favorite summer dupe, because it gives the perfect ‘bronze goddess’ glow without feeling sticky or messy.”
"I haven't put down the Elf Power Grip Primer since I tried it out a month ago. It's so similar to the Milk Hydro Grip Primer but at a 1/3 of the price!! When I first put it on, it gives my skin a smooth & plump look. The texture is very tacky- but in a good way! It does a chef’s kiss job of gripping onto your makeup and making it stay in place all day. The best part about this primer is the hyaluronic acid making your skin retain its moisture throughout the day!"
"What I love about using the Born To Glow as an alternative to Glowscreen is that it is completely customizable which allows you to pick the perfect SPF base for your skin! It also lasts a lot longer because it's a full tube of just shimmer that you can dilute however you want to. I burn easily, so having something I can mix with a higher SPF is key for my everyday summer sunscreen application."

Dupes You Can Buy Right Now

Tell us about dupes that you are obsessed with right now that are perfect for summer.

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