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Magazine Cover Makeup Challenge

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Flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine can be such a spectacular experience. Pages filled with dedicated stories on fashion trends, glorious photoshoots featuring your favorite models and designers, and of course, the beloved beauty section.

At least that’s always one of my favorite parts. Each month when a new magazine gets delivered I am always so excited by what articles are inside, but also to see the cover. To be honest, some of the covers out there can be pretty boring. The same shots, models, and angles become expected and lose the appeal of a fashion magazine.

For this challenge we want to put the spotlight on those magazine covers that truly wow and amaze, specific to the beauty moments. What does this mean: We want you to recreate your favorite magazine cover, could be a current cover you’ve seen or one from decades ago that you found randomly online. Whatever you choose, show us your best recreation and what you loved about the cover.

Check out our cover stars Sunny and Savannah’s!

design @ supergreat ✨

Sunny recreated the i-D Magazine, Whatever The Weather Issue no 317 for this challenge!

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Savannah recreated the September 2018 cover of British Vogue that featured Fenty Beauty founder, Rihanna.

Show Us Your Cover Star Moment

Everyone who participates in this challenge will earn 30 coins. The winner(s) will receive 100 Supercoins. Please note that unrelated videos, spam, or any entries not following Supergreat's Guidelines will be removed and ineligible for participation Supercoins.

Re-create a magazine cover look and add your review below to enter—only one entry per person will be counted, but feel free to enter as many times as you want. You have until 5/23 at 5pm EST to enter: Coins will be awarded within a week after the challenge is closed.


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