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What Products Do You Use to Make Your Bath or Shower Feel ~Luxurious~

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Bathing isn’t just for babies. A hot, steamy bath can feel like a warm safe hug from your loved ones—something we’ve all been missing for almost a year now. That’s probably why there has been an uptick in bath content on my Instagram feed lately. I’ve seen photos of gorgeous tubs filled with bubbles and flowers surrounded by candlelight and topped with trays supporting glasses of wine and half-read books. It’s paradise in a place where most of us try to get in and get out of as fast as we can.

Like most of what we see on Instagram, those baths seem aspirational and unattainable at the same time. Most of us don't have deep, clawfoot tubs with a view. We have built-in tubs that barely fit our adult-sized bodies or no tub at all. For that reason, bathing as an act of self-care feels exclusionary, only the rich can feel relaxed in their bathrooms.

However, there has been a shift recently as creators on TikTok share their shower routines featuring products of different colors and textures that make showering feel like a spa-like experience. These creators are showing us that the luxuriousness of a bath isn’t exclusive to the tub. There are so many ways to elevate your shower experience. You can hang eucalyptus from your shower head (the steam will release an aroma-therapeutic scent), play calming music, light a candle, and incorporate products or tools that make you feel lavish. My personal favorite is the Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub. Watch my review here:

What products do you use to upgrade your bathing or showering experience? Add your review below so we can all find ways to relax while we wash up!


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