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Looseunicorns Walks Us Through Her Everyday Makeup Look

Maria Beltre, better known to her 155k Instagram followers as Looseunicorns, is constantly changing up her look; her hair was wavy and pink on a recent trip to Tokyo, followed by a perfect shade of ash blue. Right now it’s totally natural (those glorious coils!) but don't get too comfortable; she’s known to mix it up with braids every now and then. “Even though I’m changing up my hair or makeup routine and trying out new products my eyebrows always stay the same,” she says. “I’m serious about my brows!”

No matter her style of the moment, she makes sure to keep her locks moisturized at all times. “That’s the most important thing, especially in the summer—I love leave-in conditioners and styling creams,” she says. Her go-to products are by SG favorite DevaCurl, a brand she’s been using for years. “I also love hair oils like castor oil and coconut oil,” she says. “I mix a lot of different oils and when my hair is tucked away it’s easy to apply them and keep my hair moisturized.”

@looseunicorns "Trying to visit all the Disneyland’s"

Let's get back to that trip to Tokyo. Any tips for shopping in one of the world’s fashion capitals? “Yo the fashion out there was so sick,” she says. “Everyone had colorful hair, which I loved, crazy outfits and amazing shoes. Platforms, lash extensions, and nail art are a big thing in Tokyo, that’s why I feel I could survive there [laughs].” Needless to say, she did a ton of shopping, especially in Osaka. “I just walked around and found a little bit of everything in that city,” she says. “Lots of vintage in Osaka.”

Now that we've covered haircare and fashion, let’s get to the good stuff: her skincare and makeup routine. Because of her busy schedule and frequent traveling, she doesn’t have the time to do as many masks as she would like (not that it shows). “I’m always in a rush going somewhere and when I'm home I’m resting because I’ll be up early the next morning,” she says. She reserves Sundays for hair and skin treatments. “I focus more on cleansing my face, especially because I wear makeup, and serums and face oils that are quicker to apply and sleep in for a fresh morning glow.”


Last but not least; makeup nightmares! Because no matter who you are, Instagram famous or not, we all have our own horror stories. “It was terrible,” she says. “In middle school I would wear dark liner in my lower eyelids, like dark black liner. Then in high school I went through the eyebrow and winged liner phase...also terrible. I remember waking my mom up before school to do my eyeliner every morning because I just couldn’t get it. Now I do my moms makeup [laughs].”

Watch Maria demo her daily makeup routine below, including Huda Beauty’s coveted The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette, Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss by Urban Decay, and a glowy loose powder by Kylie Cosmetics.

The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette
Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lipgloss Fireball - holographic peach w/pink sparkle
Fall Collection, Fiji, Ultra Glow


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