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Which Beauty Brands Have the Best Packaging?

by @abigailrena
Mar 25, 2020


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You may not realize it, but every time you walk into a beauty retailer hundreds of products are at war for your attention. They dress in their suits of armor made of bottles and boxes. Some brands choose a minimalist design, hoping clean lines will help them stand out among the chaotic battleground of shelves, while others wear a bright, detailed shield hoping to outshine their less energetic competition. The winner of this war is the product you decide to take home with you.

Some of the biggest packaging trends of 2019 have the earth in mind. From minimalist packaging that uses the least amount of resources possible to soft neutrals that remind us of Mother Earth’s dirt, brands like Honest Beauty and Youth to the People call to the environmentally conscious. On the flip side, brands like Starface and Urban Decay use bright colors and fun graphics to attract beauty lovers with a playful side and a crazy imagination.

This has also been the year of transparency in beauty; more and more, consumers want to know what goes into their products and as a response, brands are displaying their contents more clearly with see-through bottles and boxes to further reinforce their openness.

With so many different types of products and packages out there, the choice of who will win the great beauty packaging war can feel a bit overwhelming—and as you know, it's Supergreat's job to help you navigate this battleground. Share your review of the product you think has the nicest packaging below and we'll rank them according to your responses. May the best bottle (or case, or tube, or stick, or box) win!

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