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January Staff Picks: The Category is...Self Care!

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About a month ago, I asked everyone in the (virtual) office to share their beauty resolutions for 2021. After the year we just had, it’s not surprising that quite a few people centered their resolutions around self care rituals. As beauty lovers, applying and using products is one of our fav forms of self care. We love to soak, scrub, slather, and smear our skin in luxurious formulas, but even in the beauty industry, self care is very dependent on the individual. Since self care looks different for everyone, I asked the Supergreat staff to share the products they use to feel calm and centered. Here are their picks:

Savannah’s Picks: Feipushi Microcurrent device and Bathing Culture Big Dipper Mineral Bath

"It’s basically the cheaper version of Nuface. Feipushi is an ultra-micro current device that is supposed to reduce wrinkles (so I’m doing this preventatively), reduce puffiness, help your products absorb into the skin better, make your skin look lifted and tighter and help with acne scarring. I started using it about two weeks ago and I don’t know about long term benefits yet but after I use it my skin feels “awake” if that makes sense. It just feels good, less puffy and almost tingly in a good way. It’s just a nice way to cap off your routine and it gives me a few minutes of a quiet exercise."

"I'd also like to add the Bathing Culture Big Dipper Mineral Bath. It's so nice...I love baths and I usually just use Epsom salts because I destroy my muscles doing Youtube workout videos, but this one contains salts, green clay, and jojoba oil for silky smooth skin."

FEIPUSHI Multifunctional Household Skin Tightening Face Lifting Beauty Device
FEIPUSHI Multifunctional Household Skin Tightening Face Lifting Beauty Device
Big Dipper Mineral Bath

Abi’s Pick: Arches & Halos Duo Luxury Brow Powder

"I feel like skincare gets the spotlight when people talk about beauty as a form of self care, but makeup can be just as therapeutic. Personally, I find that drawing and filling in lines can be an extremely meditative activity. For me, filling in my brows is a form of daily self care. It’s kind of like coloring in a coloring book. It allows me to shut off my brain for a few minutes as I focus on following the arch of my brow with my angled brush. Plus, sharp brows give me confidence and I think anything that gives you confidence is a form of self care. My favorite product for filling in my brows is the Arches & Halos Duo Luxury Brow Powder. It comes with two shades in one pan so you can easily ombré your brow and I think powder is easiest to work with if you like soft, natural looking brows."

Enid’s Pick: Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy Cream

"It smells soooo good and it really works. I rock climb which means I use chalk to purposefully dry my hands and really cold outdoor weather dries them even more. This Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy Cream comes in a cute little tube I can take everwhere and it heals me!"

Yracema’s Pick: Ceremonia Aceite de Moska

"I had been anticipating the launch of Ceremonia for a while and was thrilled when I was able to redeem their Aceite de Moska scalp remedy as a reward drop on Supergreat! I love that this product has clean and intentional ingredients and it smells and feels amazing when I use it. This oil has a dropper that you just run through your scalp and massage in with your fingers. There’s something about it that transports me back to my childhood and reminds me of the days I would watch my mom do her beauty routine. In a way, this product makes me feel more connected to my mom and my heritage and I can’t wait to try more products from their line!"

What products do you love to use for self care? Add your review below so we can all find our calm. 😌


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