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Do Jade Rollers Even *Work*?

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When jade rollers first popped up on the beauty scene I thought they were a passing fad, just another beauty tool everyone would be obsessed with until they realize (1) it doesn’t work or (2) it’s too much work. But here we are a few years later and I’m still seeing people roll these oblong stones on a stick across their serum soaked faces and sheet mask covered skin. It’s clear that jade rollers and their aesthetic sister, rose quartz rollers, are here to stay.

I have one question though; what do jade rollers even do? They claim to boost blood circulation, reduce under-eye swelling, and help products absorb better into your skin...but do they really? As someone who has never tried a jade roller and is very skeptical about them, I decided to do some light digging on these alleged benefits.

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Jade Roller Benefits:

Boosts Blood Circulation

Dermatologists seem to agree with this claim. “The real benefit of jade rollers or facial massage is improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, so you look more glowing and less puffy,” explained Dr. Jennifer Chwalek in an interview with Glamour. I’ve heard the term “lymphatic drainage” and “lymph nodes” several times, but honestly, I have no idea what that means so I finally looked it up. Lymph nodes are basically small structures located all over your body that work to filter out waste and harmful bacteria brought to them by lymph vessels. These vessels work like blood vessels to help carry oxygen and nutrients to your body’s tissue cells. Knowing that I can see how massaging your face with a jade roller may be beneficial to your skin’s overall health. But since massaging is the key, why not massage with your fingers? After all, they are free.

Reduces Under-Eye Swelling

Derms also appear to agree that jade rollers can help reduce those pesky bags under your eyes, you know, the ones you claim are designer? “The roller itself helps remove excess fluid under the eye, while the cool jade stone constricts blood vessels to further minimize swelling,” Dr. Joshua Zeichner told Allure. The science behind this claim seems clear, especially now that I know how lymphatic drainage works, but why not just put metal spoons in your fridge and massage your under eyes with that? It’s an old trick I remember reading about in a teen magazine, and again, it’s free. The key here is a cold object against your skin so really you can use almost anything.

Helps Products Absorb Better Into Your Skin

As far as whether or not rubbing a stone over your serums, moisturizers, and masks will help push products deeper into your skin, there isn’t enough scientific research to support this claim and most likely it doesn’t make a difference whether you use this tool or your fingers. What matters most in getting products deep into your skin is molecular size. Smaller molecules can slip through the skin’s barrier much easier than there larger counterparts. But using jade rollers with your products can help prevent bacteria from your hands from entering your pores and causing acne. If you’re using it for this reason, just be sure to wash your roller with soap and water between uses to kill any bacteria it may have picked up on your face.

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So bottom line, do jade rollers work?

The answer, to some degree, is yes. However, since you can get the same benefits of using a jade roller by simply massaging with your fingers and cooling with frozen spoons, both of which are free, I don’t recommend buying them unless you just want them for aesthetic purposes. I have to admit, they do look nice perched in an organized medicine cabinet or laid flat for Instagram shots. Plus, they are a much cheaper and easy to use beauty tool than many electric massagers and microcurrent gadgets on the market.

What are the best jade rollers?

If after all that, your heart still desires a jade roller or rose quartz roller, here are some that our community recommends.

Rose Quartz Roller, Gua Sha Massager & Mask Brush Set
Rose Quartz Roller, Gua Sha Massager & Mask Brush Set
Jade Facial Roller
Do you have a jade roller? Show us how you use it by leaving a review below!


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