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Inside The Greek PharmaScene + a Sweet Korres Giveaway!

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Forgive me bank account for I have sinned; I just spent almost 300 euros on Greek beauty products.

I knew the beauty scene in Greece was going to be good before I left—I had read up on all the products you can only find there (the amount of stuff that includes sun protection brought tears to my eyes), so I was ready to splurge. I have no regrets looking down at my chip-free Agean Sea-blue nails (courtesy of Korres Gel Effect nail polish).

I stopped at as many Pharmacies (or φαρμακείο) as I could in Athens and Mykonos, and I found a few hidden gems. If you go to the latter, make sure you visit Pharmacy Kimon Koukouzelis; they got me just the Tretinoin cream that one of our team members requested and they knew everything about my new favorite brand, Korres.

A photo of the white walled exterior of a pharmacy against an areal photo of a Greek town.

More brands I'm obsessed with (that I'll now have to pay double for because they're so expensive in the U.S.)? Apivita, Frezyderm, Venus Secrets (donkey milk lip balm with SPF is the shit), and Olivolio. Surprise, surprise, a ton of their products contain olive oil and olive tree extracts, which is great for sun/salt damaged hair and skin.

Here's what I got in my haul:

Two photos of various greek skincare products against sandy surfaces over a photo of greek landscape.

A photo of three Greek skincare products beside a rainbow striped hat in the sand over a photo of the teal ocean

Korres: Wild Rose H2Rose Hydrating Face Mist, Pure Greek Olive Nourishing Hair Mask, Pure Greek Olive Exfoliating Scrub, Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadow, Twist Lipstick, and a few shades of Gel Effect Nail Color.

Not pictured: Korres Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser, Green Clay Deep Cleansing Mask, Macadamia Moisturizing & Revitalizing Mask, Black Pine 3D Sculpting Eye Cream, and Exfoliating Anticellulite Soap with Seaweed.

Venus Secrets: Olive and Aloe Hand and Nail Cream, Cannabis oil and Aloe Vera All Natural Soap, Donkey Milk Lip Balm with SPF 15. Frezyderm: Sunscreen Anti-seb Spray SPF 30. Apivita: Balancing Conditioner, and Oily Roots and Dry Ends Shampoo.

And now, for my Greek skincare moodboard:

A photo of a shelf stocked with Greek skincare products over a photo of a Greek beach.

A Grecian feast set on a wooden table with white bowls and plates and wine glasses.

Suggestion: consume olive oil in bulk both topically and orally.

A photo of Savannah brushing her hair back while wearing a blue top and white bottoms over  a photo of a white and stone wall with a blue gate.

See the lustrous effects of olive oil showers above.

Shelves stocked with Greek skincare products outside a Greek pharmacy door.

A Greek beach with blue and white boats tied to a dock in the water.

A box of homemade sugar dough sits on the ground beside the seller's feet.

If someone approaches you with homemade sugar donuts, buy them.

A photo of a shelf stocked with Greek beauty products over a Greek street lined with white houses.

Shampoo, conditioner, and masks for every kind of hair by Apivita.

Last but not least, our Korres giveaway—because I couldn't leave Greece without a gift for my precious Supergreaters.

For one of you (or three, if you decide to share your winnings) I have the Korres Mini Sweet Escape Showergel Trio. Each bottle is 80 mL, and the fragrances include Lily Bouquet, Mulberry Vanilla, and Vanilla Cherry. It's a new box set that isn't yet available online, so this one is an SG exclusive 😉

To enter the contest, head over to our Instagram, make sure you follow us, and tag the friend you'd most like to visit Greece with! Anyone who adds a review of a product by a Greek brand below (like Korres, already an SG favorite) gets 5 additional entries. Good luck and watch some Korres reviews below.

A photo of Korres Mini Sweet Escape shower gel set on brown stone over a photo of a Greek beach.

KORRES Wild Rose Vitamin C Sleeping Facial, 1 fl. oz.
Pomegranate Balancing Cream-Gel Moisturiser
Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser


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