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Our Staff Share Their Thoughts on This Week's Innisfree Drops

by @vanzillascott
May 24, 2021


If you watched any of my reviews this week, you know that Innisfree was one of my first skincare loves. When I moved to NYC in 2018, I didn't know anyone in the city—so I spent a lot of my early days walking around alone, wandering into clothing and beauty stores that I didn't have access to where I was from. I choose not to remember how much money I spent.

Innisfree's store at Union Square was a place that I instantly was obsessed with (and returned to monthly for refills)—not only because the store itself is gorgeous and smells incredible, but because the products I bought were all just so good. Innisfree never let me down.

The first products of theirs that I ever bought were the Green Tea Seed Serum and the Pore Clearing Exfoliating Clay Mousse, so when I found out that we would be hosting a week long takeover with the brand (and that some of my faves were included) I actually screamed. Ask my co-workers, I fully shouted in a meeting.

So without further delay and personal back stories, here are my reviews of this week's drops, along with the reviews and thoughts of some of our amazing team members. I hope many of you got the products you've been eyeing!

My reviews:

It's way too heard for me to choose one stand out favorite—I would say that the Volcanic Clay Mask and the Green Tea Seed Serum are great Innisfree intro products, holy grails, must-haves, etc. The Brightening Mask really surprised me, I saw an instant glow. And fine, I really liked the eye cream also....I guess they're all my faves.

Susie's reviews:

“My favorite Innisfree product has got to be the green tea eye serum. Not only am I obsessed with the product, but I’m obsessed with the packaging. The little pump in the back? The little eye roller? It’s got everything.”

Enid's reviews:

"The Brightening & Pore-Caring Serum is my favorite out of a lot of winners from Innisfree right now: It does everything it says it will with Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, AND niacinamide - and it’s just a joy to use! It feels incredibly cool, refreshing, and it’s not sticky at all on your skin, so it’s officially going to be a staple for me this summer."

Abi's reviews:

"I'm always wary to try clay masks because I have really dry skin as it is. Most clay masks absorb oil and make my skin even drier, but not this one! It's super gentle. When it dries it doesn't crack, which apparently cracking is a sign a clay mask is too drying for your skin."

Olga's reviews:

"I love the eye cream the most! I love how cooling it feels and the scent is just delicious."

Yracema's reviews:

"The brightening + pore-caring serum is my favorite because it's lightweight, non-tacky, and has a nice light citrus smell."

What products have you tried from Innisfree? Add your review below!

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