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INALA 30 Day Challenge and Giveaway

by @totaltrashmamma
May 04, 2022


75 Challenge entries

While INALA's products may feel great on your hair immediately, their best effects are seen over long term use. In a live last month with @FlauntFace INALA announced the start of a new challenge. Show us how INALA works after 30 days.

They are highlighting their Power Potion, a leave in treatment made of rice water that strengthens hair. If you missed our earlier announcement for the challenge (it's okay, it was in a different place than usual) the good news is their is still time. Get some Power Potion, or whatever INALA products you love and show us why they work.

Evelynn's Challenge Intro

" I love INALA because of its versatility! It’s great for all hair types and textures and addresses the universal desire of having YOUR best hair, whatever that looks like for you," says Evelynn.

"I am IN LOVE with the Reset Rinse because I’ve seen such immediate benefits for my hair. My hair goals are to have voluminous, bouncy, and hydrated curls and I have seen a noticeable difference in my hair since using the Rinse. I’m growing out a platinum blonde pixie cut that I had before the pandemic, so the Reset Rinse helps strengthen my strands so that I have less breakage when I wash and style my hair, and it also helps by giving my hair lots of volume at the root! I also use the Power Potion every day because it is so easy to incorporate into my everyday routine and I am amazed by how much my hair has grown around my hairline since I’ve started using it.

"I’ve always been inspired by women who take chances with their style and their hair – Rihanna, Halsey, and Lady Gaga all come to mind because they aren’t afraid to try something completely different and they all have a special confidence that radiates from them. As a Latina, I have also always looked up to Shakira because seeing her wear her hair naturally and showing off her curls and waves helped give me the confidence to stop chemically straightening my hair when I was in high school and helped me embrace the beauty of my natural pattern."

Flauntface's Reset Rinse Demo

"As I’ve become more mindful about ingredients in products - I love how clean INALA is! In addition, the brand was born from a need and a problem that many faced with hair thinning/loss. It’s literally the more convenient, sterile version of creating your own rice water. I also desperately wanted to attempt the viral hair hack but I never had the patience to actually do it… until now and more effectively through the Power Potion!" says @FlauntFace.

"I’ve been using the Power Potion regularly to get the ultimate benefits as I have thinning edges along my left hairline. And I’ve also surprisingly been using the Crown Polisher more than I thought I would to help distribute the product + stimulate the blood flow on my scalp. It’s so relaxing and feels amazing and it also helps in the shower with lathering when shampooing!

"I love big, fluffy hairstyles so for me the bigger the better! I don’t always wear my hair like that but if I had to choose one permanent signature look that would be it! As far as inspiration from people think Solange Knowles, Tracy Ellis Ross, Donna Summer, etc. In a nutshell, the 70s vibe can never go out of style in my opinion. I’ve also discovered overtime that my hair doesn’t like being bone straight anyway so full, volumizing looks are my jam!"

The Challenge

Use INALA products for 60 days and show us the difference in your hair. You can make a before and after, or you can show us a little bit of progress at a time. Preferably use their Power Potion, but feel free to play around and use whatever products work for you.

Laying Down the Law

Everyone who participates in this challenge will earn 20 coins. The winner will receive 100 Supercoins. Please note that unrelated videos, spam, or any entries not following Supergreat's Guidelines will be removed and ineligible for participation Supercoins.

In addition to 100 Supercoins, the winners will recieve a Power Potion & Reset Rinse Bundle. Three winners will be selected by Lala Anothony after the end date of the challenge.

Add a review below to enter. Only one entry per person will be counted, but feel free to enter as many times as you want. You have until 6/22 at 12pm EST to enter: Coins will be awarded within a week after the challenge is closed.

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