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How To Improve Skin Texture

by @ThereseBoccini
May 20, 2021


As far as skin issues go, uneven skin texture is one of the most challenging to deal with. There are plenty of skincare products available that target things like acne, dry skin, oiliness, and redness, but when it comes to skin texture, finding that one miracle product is next to impossible.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s another layer to this problem. While a bit of concealer or foundation can instantly cover up certain blemishes that may have you feeling insecure, it’s much harder to cover up uneven skin texture with makeup—such a struggle.

Anyone who has wrestled with skin texture issues surely knows how frustrating they can be. That’s why we decided to compile some of our best advice for preventing and treating this annoyance. With any luck, these tips will have your skin feeling smooth, healthy, and flawless in no time.

Preventing Uneven Skin Texture

One of the best ways to promote smooth skin is to avoid things that put your skin at risk. Every day, most of us engage in activities that could potentially cause damage to our skin—whether that means going out in the sun without sunscreen, drinking a few glasses of wine, or even skipping a night of exfoliation.

That’s what makes skin texture such a challenge to address—there are just so many factors at play. However, by learning about these potentially harmful behaviors, you can slowly begin to implement lifestyle changes that will eventually benefit your skin.

So, without further ado, here is our advice on preventing uneven skin texture:

Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Okay, this is pretty much the golden rule of skincare. You should be wearing sunscreen every day, no matter the weather. For daily-use sunscreen, experts recommend a minimum of 30 SPF.

Why is sunscreen so important? Well, the sun’s UV rays are incredibly harmful to the skin. Too much sun exposure can actually damage the DNA of your skin cells, leading to early signs of aging, dryness, and even serious diseases like skin cancer—no thanks.

Sun damage is one of the most prevalent causes of premature wrinkles and fine lines. So, if you want to keep your skin looking smooth and youthful for as long as possible, be sure to slather on that SPF every day. Also, if possible, limit your time in the sun and in tanning beds. Your skin will thank you!

Drink Plenty of Water

You’ve certainly heard this piece of advice before, but we’ll say it again: stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is essential to our bodies in so many ways, and keeping our skin healthy is just one of them.

There is proven evidence that staying hydrated improves the skin’s elasticity and reduces dryness. So, grab your Hydro Flask and commit to hitting your daily water intake goal.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to a wide range of health problems. One of those problems is skin damage.

As you probably know, alcohol tends to cause dehydration. In addition to causing a hellish hangover the next morning, dehydration from drinking can dry out the skin. Over time, this may lead to premature signs of aging (AKA, fine lines and wrinkles).

Limiting your alcohol consumption will benefit your health in many ways—skincare is just one of them. Try to limit yourself to only one or two alcoholic beverages a night (or fewer, of course).

Don’t Smoke

Like drinking, smoking causes tons of health issues—we all know that. Skin issues are just the tip of the iceberg.

When you smoke, you expose yourself to tobacco smoke both internally and externally. Both of these forms of exposure may lead to skin aging, wrinkles, acne, and even psoriasis. Plus, smoking makes it very difficult for your skin to heal itself. So, the damage may be long-lasting.

So, if you don’t smoke already, take this as your sign not to start. If you do smoke, perhaps this is one more reason to consider quitting. Visit a medical professional if you need help devising a plan to quit for good.

Add Antioxidants to Your Diet

Now that we’ve told you what not to do, allow us to make a more positive suggestion: try adding antioxidant-rich foods, like leafy greens, fatty fish, or yellow and orange fruits, to your diet. Antioxidants are excellent for the skin, and modifying your diet is an easy way to get your daily dose.

Antioxidants are important because they fight free radicals—unstable atoms that may damage healthy cells in the body. In skincare, free radicals are a major enemy because they break down the skin’s collagen (collagen is a protein that keeps the skin feeling elastic and supple, among other things).

So, by adding a little antioxidant power to each meal, you can help your body battle those damaging atoms and improve your skin’s texture and health.


Exfoliation is essential in any skincare routine. The process strips away dead skin cells that may have accumulated on the skin’s surface and created rough, uneven patches. It also helps brighten the skin tone by eliminating all the unwanted dead cells, dirt, and excess oil from the face.

So, grab your favorite exfoliating cleanser, and give your skin a nice, thorough scrub. Be sure to exfoliate regularly. Some people exfoliate once a week, while others do so two or three times a week—it all depends on the product you’re using and your skin type.


Finally, we have one more crucial tip for you: don’t skip your moisturizer.

Obviously, moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated. Forgetting to moisturize may lead to dryness, itchiness, flaking, or roughness of the skin—all sure-fire signs of uneven skin texture. On the contrary, regular moisturization should keep your skin feeling super smooth.

Remedies to Try for Boosting Skin Texture

Clearly, most of the tips mentioned above require long-term lifestyle changes. And, while those methods are certainly effective, it may take a while for you to start seeing any results. It’s more of a long game.

What if you’re looking for a new product to try that will work a little faster? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of a few of the best skincare ingredients and at-home remedies you can try right now to even out your skin texture. Take a look:

Alpha-Hydroxy Acid

Alpha-hydroxy acids, or AHAs, are a group of acids derived from both plants and animals. This group includes seven types of acid. You’re probably most familiar with glycolic and lactic acid.

If you’re looking to improve your skin texture, adding an AHA to your skincare routine is an excellent idea. These acids promote collagen production, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, brighten the complexion, and much more.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a skincare technique that involves—you guessed it—brushing the skin. Using a brush with coarse, stiff bristles, this method requires brushing your arms and legs in long motions and your back and torso in circles. This exfoliating technique is said to promote relaxation and the release of toxins.

Of course, this method focuses on the body (as opposed to the face). It’s a great technique for anyone who wants their entire body to feel smooth, even, and rejuvenated.


What about an option for all you beauty fans who are looking for a more affordable option? Well, we suggest turning to your kitchen. Honey can do wonders for the skin.

Raw honey is full of antioxidants, which means it’s well-suited for fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, as an antibacterial, it may even prevent or reduce acne.

You can apply pure honey directly to your face as a mask, or you can mix it with skin-boosting ingredients like lemon, oatmeal, lavender, or turmeric. The options are endless!

Coconut Oil

Finally, we’ve got another inexpensive, at-home treatment for you: coconut oil, a natural moisturizer. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, which makes it an effective ingredient in battling certain skin conditions and calming down the skin.

We should warn you of one thing—it may clog pores. So, it may be best to keep the coconut oil use limited to your body. Other types of oil, like rose, lemon, or jojoba, might be more suited to treating uneven skin on the face.

Get the Skin Texture of Your Dreams

There’s no denying that improving your skin texture can be a major challenge. For most of us, it’s not as easy as just picking up a new cleanser and magically getting smooth skin overnight. However, it’s not impossible, either—with a little bit of effort and persistence, you can certainly achieve that even, flawless skin you always wanted.

If you try any of our tips and tricks, be sure to let us know how it goes and leave a review. We want to see your results. You got this!

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