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The Frosty Makeup Challenge

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Winter doesn't feel like winter this year just like summer didn't feel like summer. I spent all of December trying to figure out why and I think I finally have the answer. I'm not cold enough. During a normal year, I would bundle up in several layers at least twice a day as I make the journey from my home to work and back. This year, I'm lucky if I leave my house once and when I do, I'm usually not out long enough to get cold. I never thought I'd say this, but my body is longing for the threat of hypothermia. Can anyone else relate?

I noticed that I've been drawn to frozen makeup looks lately as a way to ground myself in the season. I have several icy looks saved on Instagram, but this snowflake look by @kaarissalynnbeauty (shown above) has been calling my name. I love simple, yet impactful graphic eyeliner looks. Plus, I finally broke down and got SUVA Beauty's Hydra Liners after eyeballing them for almost a year. Karissa's look was just the inspiration I needed to break into my white liner. Here's my review:

If big, face smothering snowflakes aren't your thing, here are a few of Karissa's other icy, frosty looks to inspire you:
Karissa Lynn snow covered mountain makeup

Instagram @kaarissalynnbeauty

Karissa Lynn blue icy makeup

Instagram @kaarissalynnbeauty

CHALLENGE: Create a frosty makeup look. Use Karissa's looks as inspiration or find your own inspiration. Add your review below and tell us what products you used to achieve your look. One winner will receive 100 Supercoins and everyone else will receive 20 Supercoins for participation. Only one entry per person will be counted. You have until January 20th to enter! Ready. Set. SNOW!


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