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Mona Marie's Zipper Face Challenge

by @beautybymonamarie
Oct 04, 2021


54 Challenge entries

Spooky pals it’s time! Bring out the cobweb decorations, the carved pumpkins, and all your favorite scary movies because it’s officially Halloween. This year we are bringing you Spookygreat—see what we did there—a month-long event where we will be having the coolest challenges, live hosts, live challenges, and so much more. So buckle up because the fun is going to be running from October 4th until the coveted day itself on October 31st. Each week there will be a different theme, so be sure to follow us on Instagram @supergreatapp to see what’s coming.

We’re kicking it off with all that glitters and grosses out with a Gore and Glam theme from October 4th - October 10th. Every participant will get 50 coins and one winner chosen by Mona will get 200 coins! As always, only one entry per person, per challenge, will be counted.

How to recreate my Zipper Face look

Maybe it’s cheesy, but my favorite part of Halloween is seeing the joy on my children’s face when we go trick or treating. Then waiting for them to go to bed so I can GO TO TOWN on their candy! #MOMTAX.

This year I wanted to try something a little...different. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at special effects (SFX) makeup but honestly, I was so intimidated by it! I’ve had this zipper kit sitting in my stash for a while and figured there’s no better time to break it out, than for Spookygreat! The most difficult part was, unsurprisingly, working with the Spirit Gum adhesive, it was a trip. It was runny, slippery, and smelled INSANE, I wasn’t sure how (or if!) the zipper was even going to stick. However, once it started drying down, oh yeah—it definitely stuck! When working with these types of materials, have patience with yourself! Map out your placement before the application of a face prosthetic, and take your time.

The products I used

The removal process is, honestly, very messy and stressful, not gonna lie. I’m telling you, that adhesive is somethin’ else. I soaked my face in an oil cleanser for a few minutes, and STILL had to scrape (eek!) at the spirit gum to get it off. My respect for SFX artists is on a whoooole other level!

The finished look

Now you try it

Give me your best Gore and Glam look and let me know how you achieved your terrifying and glamorous makeup. You have until 11/4 to enter, don't wait let's see what you've got—GOOD LUCK!