Alexis Gaskin as Winifred Sanderson On purple background


Alexis' Winifred Sanderson Challenge

by @alexis-gaskin
Oct 11, 2021


39 Challenge entries

Spooky pals it’s time! Bring out the cobweb decorations, the carved pumpkins, and all your favorite scary movies because it’s officially Halloween. This year we are bringing you Spookygreat—see what we did there—a month-long event where we will be having the coolest challenges, live hosts, live challenges, and so much more. So buckle up because the fun is going to be running from October 4th until the coveted day itself on October 31st. Each week there will be a different theme, so be sure to follow us on Instagram @supergreatapp to see what’s coming.

We’re continuing our festivities with an ode to the truly evil with our Supervillains Theme that will run weeklong from October 11th-17th. Every participant will get 50 coins and one winner chosen by Alexis will get 200 coins! As always, only one entry per person, per challenge, will be counted.

How to Recreate my Winifred Sanderson Look

Something wicked this way comes with this Hocus Pocus inspired makeup look, taking after the lead Witchy Sister herself, Winifred Sanderson. I am a self-proclaimed spooky enthusiast, so the month of October is always filled with candy, horror movies, and epic Halloween looks. This year I was inspired by my orange hair to take a page from Winifred’s literal book from the devil, and recreate her iconic makeup and hair.

The products I used:

My best friend is actually a really good cleansing balm, and no matter how waterproof the mascara or how sealent the setting spray the Elemis cleansing balm does the damn thing and removes it ALL! All of my makeup is meant to last so I like to start with a gentle cleansing balm before moving on to the rest of my routine. No matter how much glitter or shimmers I use, this stuff does the job.

Watch Me Wash It All Off

Now it's Your Turn

Show me your inner villian and give us your best Supervillian/Bad Guy look. You have until 11/4 to enter, don't wait let's see what you've got—GOOD LUCK!

Don't forget to enter our Colourpop X Hocus Pocus giveaway on Instagram, AND this Wednesday, October 13th at 6pm EST we will be doing LIVE Hocus Pocus trivia with Colourpop prizes!