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How to Wear Red Lipstick

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This is Supergreat Academy: the place where our beloved community gathers to share their beauty routines and tricks and no one has to take any exams! Today we want to discuss one of the pillars of makeup application: how to apply a red lip. We'll select our 5 favorite How To's and give each of them 20 coins, so make the best review or tutorial you can!

If there is one universally iconic beauty product, it is red lipstick. It’s a gateway, a siren, a gauntlet, and for many, a signature. It’s the only beauty product with its own emoji (for now). There are literally thousands of red lip colors out there (and if you think they’re all the same, you’re not fully living life) because it’s the kind of thing that can look good on everybody. Plus, the old rules are out the window, so now it’s free reign to have fun with the bold lip color. The great thing about its abundance is that there are so many ways people choose to wear a red lip: sheer, matte, stained, only when the moon is out, every single day, overdrawn, blurred—it’s endless. Show us yours and find a new favorite in the process.

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