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Kaja's 3-Color Eyeshadow Challenge!

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Hope everyone is having a great Kaja Takeover Week!

I did this look because to be honest, I’m still a beginner! I’ve never been able to successfully create a smoky eye look myself and Kaja's Beauty Bentos made it SO easy. I’ve done it twice since then! I feel like I’ve wanted these Kaja products for so long and I can definitely say... they all live up to the hype. Converted Kaja fan right here. I hope some of you redeemed or purchased this week's drops and Superbundles, and be sure to participate in this challenge and earn more coins!

CHALLENGE: Create an eyeshadow look using 3 different colors! Everyone who participates will get 20 coins, and if you incorporate a Kaja product in your look, we will give you 30 coins. Make sure you choose the Kaja product you're using as the product your review is tied to, and show us the product in the review! One winner will get 100 Supercoins (you don't need Kaja products to win), so go all out! You have until 04/07 to enter and only one entry per person will be counted.


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