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Community Challenge: Sodapantsss' Tie Dye Makeup Look

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"I chose the tie dye look because of the fond memories I have of tie dying old t-shirts with my aunt and cousins as a kid. My aunt was a teacher and always had fun craft ideas for my sisters and I when we would visit over summer vacation. I wanted to replicate the experience but on my face! My favorite part of creating this look was having the opportunity to use colors I’ve never worn before. This is my first time using bright blue in AGES!

The hardest part was picking one direction to commit to, I had so many ideas thanks to a brainstorming session I shared with my friends.

I used my Claropsyche Sketch Paint Palette and Museé Beauty Impressionism Palette for my eyes and brows, with a dab of cream blush from my Wander Beauty Double-Date Lip and Cheek tint."

CHALLENGE: Recreate Sodapantsss' tie dye look, or create your own! We want to see you looking like a kaleidoscope (or like a t-shirt you dyed in your own backyard in the 90s). Everyone who participates will get 20 coins, and one winner chosen by this host will get 100 coins! Only one entry per person will be counted and you have until 07/16 to enter. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!


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