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Olga's Princess Peach Challenge

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Spooky pals it’s time! Bring out the cobweb decorations, the carved pumpkins, and all your favorite scary movies because it’s officially Halloween. This year we are bringing you Spookygreat—see what we did there—a month-long event where we will be having the coolest challenges, live hosts, live challenges, and so much more. So buckle up because the fun is going to be running from October 4th until the coveted day itself on October 31st. Each week there will be a different theme, so be sure to follow us on Instagram @supergreatpp to see what’s coming next.

The fun has only just begun, and this week will feature all things scary cute, like when you see a baby tiger and you know it’s cute but it could also kill you. When challenges close on 11/05, every participant will get 50 coins and one winner chosen by Olga will get 200 coins! As always, only one entry per person, per challenge, will be counted.

Olga's Glitchy Princess Peach

I’m an 80’s baby. This is a tribute to Nintendo and SuperMario and a true, iconic ruler of that magical land..Princess Peach! I also loved that Grimes made her own tribute on SNL this year. For me, Scary Cute, almost has Harajuku-inspired references, a rare combination of being adorable and a little twisted at once. That's why I created a rotten Peach Glitch!

Growing up in New York, this holiday is very theatrical to me. I love doing something completely different every year, I’ve been everything from Dolly Parton to Marie Antoinette to Winterfresh Gum in the past. I love that one day of the year you can be anything, and talk to anyone while admiring their make-up and creativity.

Products I used:


Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette

The hardest part of this challenge was definitely the contacts! It took me an hour which probably sounds ridiculous, but it was my first contact experience and I had to watch a YouTube video tutorial to finally get it right. On the other hand, removal was the easy part. Tons of baby wipes, and Otzi's CRYSTAL NOVA cleanser. The eyelash glue was stuck for two days after but I would still do it again, the lashes definitely completed the look.


Crystal Nova Gentle Makeup Removing Cleanser

Now it's your turn

Show me your best interpretation of Scary Cute and give us your epic look. You have until 11/05 to enter, don't wait let's see what you've got—GOOD LUCK!


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