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How to Moisturize Your Face

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This is Supergreat Academy: the place where our beloved community gathers to share their beauty routines and tricks and no one has to take any exams! Today's topic: moisturizer. How do you get it to make your skin soft, hydrated, and glowy?

Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty. ~ Derek Zoolander, preeminent moisture influencer

I wish it were as easy as drinking eight glasses of water a day to maintain a plump, dewy glow. Models are always saying how they get their clear, glowing, and taut skin just by "drinking lots of water," but they always seem to omit the fact that they are MODELS and therefore genetically blessed! I wish they would just say "I am a model so my skin is always moist." Hmph.

If you want to be moist, you have to moisturize. Makes sense, right? But can you just slap any ol' cream on your face and call it a day? For some, yes (congratulations to you). For others, it requires a bit more strategy: Layering. Face mists. Serums. Moisturizers with different textures. Face oils. Humidifiers.

Hello, others. This here SG Academy class is for you.

The road to optimal moisture is wet and wild, and we need you to tell everyone how you keep your faces, plump, bouncy, dewy, and otherwise moist.

How do you moisturize? Do you layer up? Or do you have one holy grail moisturizer that does it all? Does that even exist? We must know! Show everyone how your dew the thing.


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