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How Sarahjgomez Manages Her Cystic Acne

Sometimes it feels like our skin is working against us, and things can be especially frustrating when your acne is cystic— a severe type of acne in which the pores in the skin become blocked, leading to infection and inflammation. You know what we're talking about; those red painful under the skin bumps that will not be squeezed away (so stop trying!).

Sarahjgomez knows all about this struggle. "It used to take over my entire face 3 years ago," she says. "I finally mastered my skin routine so that my acne is much more manageable and I can actually go outside without makeup on." She aptly described her skin as being a lot like Disney villain Maleficent: "Chaotic and destructive, but prideful and a bit of an outsider."

Supergreat user @sarahjgomez takes a mirror selfie wearing a face mask with orange heart emojis over her head.

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This Supergreater is from San Diego and her dream is to become a dermatologist, so count this as an appointment on us! She's learned a lot over the years when it comes to treating severely acne prone skin, and she loves sharing her tips in her over 150 reviews. "I think the most important aspect about caring for acne prone and oily skin is being consistent with your routine and not adding new things all at once," she says. "You have to know what's right for your skin and stick with it." In other words, patience, sweet Supergreaters, patience and wash your pillowcases regularly.

"I’ve also learned that no matter how oily skin you have you need to hydrate and moisturize," she says. "Otherwise your skin will just produce more oil." This is indeed true, and was confirmed by Epicuren's Lisa Reinhardt.

Supergreat user Sarahjgomez sticks out her tongue in a selfie with bright pink eyeshadow.

Instagram @_saritabonita

Now that her skin is taken care of, Sarahjgomez can do what she (and so many others on SG) loves most; experiment with makeup. "I love intense art makeup looks more than everyday looks," she says. "Everyday when I get home I try and do a new look to keep the creativity flowing."

If your breakouts are out of control, look no further than her cystic acne destroying skincare routine below, which includes a whole lot of SG favorite Murad, a touch of Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide, and Belif's The True Cream.

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