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How to Look Wide Awake

by @sabletoothtigre
Feb 03, 2020


If it was as easy as simply getting the right amount of sleep every night to wake up looking bright-eyed and fresh-faced... well, we wouldn't be here. Life is far too unpredictable to count on that, but for what we lack in sleep, we have coffee and beauty products.

We want to look fully rested and carefree like dark under-eye circles and puffy faces are the stuff of fairy tales and urban myths. Enter: makeup! Or maybe face masks and other beauty tools. Or all of the above! Whatever you use to zhuzh up your whole face/head/self to look like a fully functioning and incandescent person — we want to know it.

[Cut to: us furiously going through our medicine cabinets and vanities for anything labeled "brightening," "luminizing," and otherwise "glowing."]

Now because time of is of the essence — not to mention often the reason why we're struggling to look alive in the first place — here are a few ways to rise and shine even shinier with some stackable efforts.

If you hit snooze one time too many and barely have time to even brush your teeth:

A sheer, glowy primer or moisturizer can do wonders — WONDERS — in no time flat. Just smear it on and go. It covers all manner of sins in gossamer luminosity.

When you're very short on time but those spots and complexion unevenness just will. not. stand.

Spots, under-eye circles, redness:

Concealer: delete, delete, delete.

When you not only want to look awake, you want to look like you have a secret

I can't stress enough how effective blush is in changing your whole complexion, mood, life, etc. In this case, a bright and cheery shade gives me that je ne sais quoi like I've just done a run, or perhaps a cute barista flirted with me, or perhaps... I have a secret (like, I actually got sleep last night).

When you need to pull yourself together for gourd's sake!

I know I just said blush was really important, and it is, but brows are like the tailored suiting of your face. You all know how far a well-groomed brow will take you, so it would make mucho sense then, that grooming them will make you look like you have it together, like your credit score is HIGH, your split ends are TRIMMED, your Brita filter is NOT nine months old. You know.

Final touch? Create a diversion

You don't really need to worry about your foundation or concealer having the perfect amount of coverage if you create a bit of a diversion with contrast. I mean, it's basically what Instagram filters do without the creepy CGI skin-blurring. Just like with blush, adding bit of saturation in the areas you do want to emphasize (like your peepers — classic choice) will distract from any other mortal failings. For me, long lashes is it.

Et voila! Look at me, a fully functioning human in the world. Just tra-la-la-ing around like I have no cares (I do) or responsibilities (I have plenty) because look at how bright-eyed and brushy-browed I am, ready to take on the world.

Now it's your turn. Show us the products you love to get yourself UP AND ATOM!

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Your bag is empty,
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