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How to Wear Minimalist Line Art As Makeup + Challenge!

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If you’ve ever taken an art class or scrolled through Pinterest or Etsy, you’ve probably seen line art. It’s a popular minimalist art form made up of—you guessed it—lines. In most cases, line art is made from one continuous line that curves and loops around itself until it forms the silhouette of a person or object, but line art can also be rigid. It can be made from many different lines and in some cases, in many different colors. The defining characteristics of line art are simply minimalism and lines. The rest is open for interpretation.

I love this art style so much, I couldn’t decide on just one look. First, I tried my hand at painting effortless lines on my face, which proved to be anything but effortless. I tested several products to find out which one would act the most like paint on my skin and I settled for my NYX white eyeshadow base, but the whole time I was wishing I had the new Norvina Electric Cake Eyeliners by Anastasia Beverly Hills. My eyeshadow base worked because it never dried down, which made it easy to clean up my lines with a q-tip, but it was very difficult to get an even opacity throughout my lines.

A much simpler way to do line art makeup is to just glue craft supplies to your face. Since quarantine left me with a lot of free time, I decided to learn how to crochet and I made a cute crop top, but I had a small ball of yarn leftover. I decided to use the yarn to create a matching makeup look. I used eyelash glue to attach the yarn to my face and it dried in seconds. I honestly, thought I’d have to hold the yarn to my face for a while but the whole look took me less than 10 minutes to complete and my mom said it was very “avante garde,” which is her way of saying, "It looks nice, but you're not wearing that out, are you?"

Here are my looks:

NYX Eye Shadow Base Primer ESB02 - White Pearl
Strip Lash Adhesive Black
Try this art style on your own face before 07/10 and receive 10 Supercoins! You can trace the features on your face, draw an object on your cheek, or just let your lines wander aimlessly across your body. There's no wrong way to create this look so tap into your inner artist and let your lines run wild.


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