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Show Your Rihanna Glow Challenge!

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Ever notice how Rihanna glows in every single lighting, outfit, and environment she's in, like, at all times? Of course you have—It's impossible not to.

Her eternal glow, shining on us mere mortals is the inspiration behind today's challenge: show us how you achieve Rihanna's glow, and we'll give you coins. The winner will also get a product from Fenty Skin that will help them achieve this full body glow moving forward. This product also happens to be tonight's reward! 🤩

I had to find the most shimmery thing I had in my beauty arsenal to even compete! I should add that I also piled on Hourglass bronzer and face mist to keep things looking dewy. Here's my entry:

CHALLENGE: Show us how you imitate Rihanna's glowy skin, whether it's with makeup, skincare, or both! Everyone who participates will get 20 coins, and one winner will get 100 coins and a Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream. You have until 08/05 to enter, and only one entry per person will be counted. SHOW YOUR GLOW AND GOOD LUCK.


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