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How to Do Winged Eyeliner

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This is Supergreat Academy: the place where our beloved community gathers to share their beauty routines and tricks and no one has to take any exams! Today we're discussing another pillar of makeup application: how to apply winged liner. We'll select our 5 favorite How To's and give each of them 20 coins, so make the best review or tutorial you can!

Learning to perfect your winged eyeliner is akin to the right of passage of getting your driver’s license. Actually, scratch that—it’s way harder than a driving test. First, choose your weapon: Liquid liner pen, gel liner, or pencil liner with an angled brush. Then, steady your hands, pray to your gods, and start swooping.

One tip: if you hold your eyes in a neutral position without tugging on your lid or looking downwards too much, when you start drawing your liner on, it won't surprise you going in a different direction as much when you look back on your finished work.

Everyone’s eyes are unique and therefore require a little personal tweak in your calligraphy style to get your desired effect. Sure, you could scour YouTube beauty tutorials until you find one that works for you, but with annoying ads, lengthy intros, and clever camera work, who can you really trust? (Supergreat, obviously.)

No matter what eye shape you have or what your weapon of choice is (liquid liner? Felt tip? Brush tip? Gel liner? Pointed or angled liner brush??) there’s no wrong way to paint on some wings, but there are many right ways, and we must know them all. Share the knowledge and curve some cat-eyes in this next installment of Supergreat Academy.

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