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To wrap up our Evenprime takeover week in a cute bow, we're challenging you to turn yourself into your favorite video game character, or create a makeup look inspired by your favorite video game. Whether it's a throwback like Pac Man or Mario Kart, or a newer game like Watch Dogs or Animal Crossing, what you create is entirely up to you.

Supergreater SirenHippie is a gamer that Evenprime chose to try their product line and she also creates tons of awesome makeup looks on the app and her Instagram. So when I saw that she created an Among Us inspired look to celebrate Pride, I knew her look would be the model for this challenge.

CHALLENGE: Create a gamer makeup look (inspired by a game, a character, or even a gamer you love) and post a review showing us your look! Everyone who participates will get 20 coins, and one winner will get 100. Only one entry per person will be counted. You have until 04/30 to enter, GOOD LUCK!

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