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Cow Appreciation Day Challenge!

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In the world where everything has it's own holiday, cows are no exception with their very own, "Cow Appreciation Day!" July 13th is officially the day to appreciate these large grazers, however we are such fans of these creatures that we're extending the appreciation a little!

My little love letter for cow's started when I was young, growing up in Southern Maryland where I would pass cows and other farm animals every day on my way to school. While little me did have beef with them for the years I was forced to drink dairy because it, "keeps your bone's strong" I couldn't be mad at something that just spends their day eating grass and minding their business.

Growing up I was always scolded by my grandmother for not drinking enough milk, I was a very picky kid. I didn’t like milk or any form of dairy that wasn’t ice cream or chocolate, I would beg my grandmother to put chocolate syrup in my milk if I had to drink it. As I grew older and dairy alternatives became more common, I realized that drinking cow’s milk really isn’t a necessity (sorry grandma).

However, my appreciation for cows has more to do with their style than milk, they just vibe around with their black spots, moo, and eat grass, I love that and wish I could do the same. For me animal print can be a statement or a disaster (looking at you neon zebra print), but with cow print every spot is different and the options are endless.

Here's my cow print look.

In this look I used Modelones gel polish and an Essie red polish to create a more colorful spin on cow print. The best part about cow-print is that it is very simple to create, a circular blob forms into a spot and soon enough you have a whole collection that creates the cow print. The Modelones base and top coat is my favorite to use when doing nail art because it helps dry the polish faster and it seals the art in for a finished look.

Savannah tried a makeup look instead, here's her review.

CHALLENGE: Create your very own cow print look, whether it's with makeup or nail art. Everyone who participates will get 20 coins, and one winner will get 100 coins! Only one entry per person will be counted and you have until 07/22 to enter. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN! 🐄


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