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How Do You Contour Without The Cray?

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We can’t all be Kim Kardashian and have our makeup done by Mario Dedivanovic (but if you’re reading this Mario, check your DMs), so we’ve had to fend for ourselves in the wild world of contouring. Cue the world’s tiniest violin.

Contouring should enhance the structure of your face by adding highlights and shadows, and cream-based products will give your skin a softer finish and allow you to perfect your technique while you learn. You're also going to need a brush or a makeup sponge for blending, because nobody wants to leave their house looking like this:

A person getting ready for drag in an extreme contoured face.

"Girl, look how orange you f*ckin' look girl"

There are tons of brands out there making palettes to help us contour without the cray—including Anastasia Beverly Hills, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Maybelline, and Tarte. Watch some demos below by some of our amazing reviewers.

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Contour and Highlighting Makeup Kit
e.l.f. Contour Palette 83320 Light/Medium .56 oz
Powder Contour Kit - Light to Medium


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