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Marika D'Auteuil's Haute Clown Challenge

by @vanzillascott
Oct 22, 2021


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She had me at "Pat McGrath for Galliano-era Dior makeup."

This live tutorial with makeup artist Marika D'Auteuil literally made me emotional—it just kept getting more and more beautiful every minute, and witnessing it come together was truly something special. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I took about 50 screen shots and too many screen recordings of the process.

Of course, it didn't hurt that the look was inspired by the runway makeup that Pat McGrath made famous during John Galliano's time at Dior, the AW07 collection to be exact. Not only is he one of my favorite designers of all time, but she is probably the greatest makeup artist who has ever lived. Imagine; two icons converging on one of the most important collections in fashion history! It's enough to make someone cry, but I'm not crying you're crying!!

I learned more about technique and product in this live than any other before—and we got to watch it all go down on the face of the incredibly lovely Pénélope Chantal.

You guys also overwhelmingly requested that she share the products she used, so I will be sharing them below—brb I'm going to buy the Makeup Forever 12 Flash Color Paint Palette. And who could forget when Marika pulled out the glittery tears that she made herself, with a glue gun, that brought the look together and elevated it to the makeup heavens.
Now it's your turn to try! Recreate Marika's elevated clown look and we'll give you 50 coins—one winner, chosen by her will get 200 coins (and eternal glory). You have until 11/05 to enter and only one entry per person will be counted. I truly CANNOT wait to see you guys try this extra special look.

Additional products used included the Makeup Forever HD Concealer, the Danessa Myricks Light Works 3 Palette, the Creative Makeup Multichrome Pigments, the SLA Paris Cosmetics Bronze Pigment, Artisan Pro Lashes, and brushes from Dior & Melt Cosmetics.