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YasmineAlexandra's Blush Draping Tutorial + Challenge!

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Even if you've only been on Supergreat for a day, you've seen this face; YasmineAlexandra is an SG OG who has been leading the community for years now. It should come as no surprise that she also has a great live show.

"On my show you can expect brand reviews, audience driven conversation, Q&A, and the tea on how to create stellar looks," she says. "We really keep it chill and I like to base the pace of them off my audience. I really like to focus on my own individual style and how that shapes my makeup preferences/product reviews and weave that into my past professional experiences as well."

If you don't follow Yasmine already, get on it—follow her on IG here and Youtube here. Most importantly, her Supergreat profile, is a treasure trove of satisfying reviews with awesome tricks and tips.

Now onto the tutorial!

What is blush draping?

"Blush draping is kinda a form of contouring, essentially blending the blush upwards until it hits the edges of your eyes and temples," she says. "You can use it to create a monochromatic look and it’s so beautiful! I did a version of it where the blush flows into the bronzer/eyes.I love that it can be dressed up or down, you can wear it daily or really commit and do a full on gradient blush. I also think it’s perfect for people dipping their toes into editorial makeup. I’d love to see how far we can take the technique in terms of blending into the eye look, brows etc. I wanna see the blush everywhere!"

How to do it:

Primer-Infused Blush
Primer-Infused Blush
Primer-Infused Blush

The finished look:

CHALLENGE: Try blush draping and show us the results! Everyone who participates will get 20 coins and only one entry per person will be counted. Yasmine will select one winner when the challenge closes on 09/09, and you know the drill; the winner will get 100 coins! GOOD LUCK and show us those blushy cheeks!


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