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The 6 hosts of Supergreat live Season 1

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Meet the Hosts of Supergreat LIVE Season 1!

by @vanzillascott
Jan 26, 2021


We haven't shared news this big since we launched our live feature... Starting tonight, it won't only be Supergreat staff and the occasional makeup artist or brand founder who will be going live—these 6 talented community members will be hosting their very own weekly live shows on the app!

For the next 3 days (January 27th, 28th, and 29th), each of our host will be going live to introduce their work and answer all of your questions about their upcoming shows. Be sure to tune in tonight at 7:10pm EST to meet the Superhosts of Supergreat LIVE Season 1. Until then, here's everything you need to know about their shows.

Sarah Novio

  • Show title: Recreate with Sarah Novio
  • Date & time: Every Saturday at 1pm EST
  • Supergreat: Sarah_Novio
  • Instagram: Sarah_Novio
  • Tiktok: Sarah_Novio

  • Show description: Tune in every week as Sarah takes your requests and recreates celebrity and runway looks. She'll teach you the techniques you need to recreate the look with her!

Jaleesa Jaikaran

  • Show title: Beauty Besties with Jaleesa
  • Date & time: Every Wednesday at 8pm EST
  • Supergreat: JaleesaJaikaran
  • Instagram: JaleesaJaikaran
  • Podcast: Thelifeofamakeupartist

  • Show description: Grab your bestie and listen up! Jaleesa will be interviewing brand founders, fellow beauty professionals, and YOU (that's right) to discuss all things beauty.

Mona Marie Brandes

  • Show title: Makeup & Mimosas with Mona Marie
  • Date & time: Every Sunday at 1pm EST
  • Supergreat: Beautybymonamarie
  • Instagram: Beautybymonamarie

  • Show description: Ever wanted to learn how to cut a crease or cut your own hair? Makeup artist and hair stylist Mona Marie will be sharing all the tips and techniques you need to do everything at home.

FlauntFace aka Keke

  • Show title: Fun + Fab with Flauntface
  • Date & time: Every Thursday at 8pm EST
  • Supergreat: Flauntface
  • Instagram: Flauntface

  • Show description: Did you know that Keke was one of the first community members on Supergreat? This woman knows her way around a great review and has more rewards than we can count. Join her live as she talks about her favorite products and offers career advice for anyone wanting to break into the beauty industry!

Susie Benitez

  • Show title: Cult Beauty with Susie
  • Date & time: Every Monday at 8pm EST
  • Supergreat: Susiebenitez
  • Instagram: Susiebenitez

  • Show description: Susie LOVES cult beauty—from classic holy grails to up and comers. Watch as she demos and deliberates on beauty's most talked about products.

AbbyWrenArtistry aka Abby Wren

  • Show title: Freaky Friday with Abby
  • Date & time: Every Friday at 8pm EST
  • Supergreat: Abbywrenartistry
  • Instagram: Abbywrenartistry
  • Tiktok: Abbywrenartistry

  • Show description: Join us every Friday night as Abby demonstrates her freakish talent and creates some of the wildest special effects looks you ever seen!

See you tonight at 7:10 pm EST for the official launch of Supergreat LIVE Season 1, and don't forget to check on the drops section of the app for daily updates on the next live event.

Your bag is empty,
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