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Supergreat's Skincare Gift Guide: All the Sales & Drops Coming to the App This Week

So, Spookygreat was a whirlwind. We barely had time to breathe this weekend, and now we're already onto the next exciting few months on the app; Holiday season!

All November long, there will be weekly themed gift guides that will go with corresponding drops and sales—this week is all about skincare, and you're going to love the drops and sales that we have planned. Whether you're scoring products for yourself or for the people on your Holiday gift list (babies and people with babies included!), this month will not disappoint.

Here's a look at what's to come this week.



  • Follain Hydrating Cleanser, Ultra Hydrating Mask, Eye Cream, and their NEW Hand Cream.


  • Follain Moisturizer + Toning Mist Duo.

Watch @Jylocklear's live event with Follain Tuesday night at 7pm EST on the app. "I am most excited for the community to learn more about Follain's history, and getting to know the founder," says Jessica. "Tara’s passion surrounding the brand is almost palpable and the opportunity to see her talk about her passion project first hand is something we don’t always get to see from brands."

Balancing Cleanser: Oil Control
Clean Essentials Kit
Balancing Cleanser: Oil Control

Follain reviews from our community.



  • Good Light Luna Pimple Patches, Metamorphosis Skincare Set, Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser, Moon Glow Milky Toning Solution, We Come in Peace Probiotic Serum.
  • The Beauty Spy Ariul LED Lumi Mask, Touch in Sol No Poreblem Skin Priming Set, Sur. Medic + Azulene Soothing Kit, Sur. Medic + Azulene Soothing Kit, and the Mini Fridge.


  • Good Light Luna Pimple Patches.
  • The Beauty Spy Ariul LED Lumi Mask.

Watch @Twoheadedcat's live event with Good Light Tuesday night at 6pm EST on the app. "I’m excited to learn more about this brand because it’s a holy trinity, amazing packaging, sincere mission, and quality formulation," says Eliza.

Watch @Zameena's live event with The Beauty Spy at 7pm EST on the app. "Skincare's just like preparing a canvas before you start painting. I'm so excited to share my thoughts on the awesome Korean skincare products that The Beauty Spy's dropping because they're so nourishing, moisturizing and gentle for most skin types. I also can't wait to learn what wizardry they put in those Ariul LED Lumi Masks because they use light therapy without any electricity—it's magic."

Seoul Cleansing Balm
moon glow milky toning lotion
Seoul Cleansing Balm

The Beauty Spy and Good Light reviews from our community.



  • Purbebe by Pursoma Goodnight Moon, Bathtime Magic, Pixie Dust, and Starry Night.
  • Yours Bounce Back Toner, Sunny Side Up Sunscreen Mist, and Cloud Factory Cleanser.


  • Pursoma Revive Coffee Body Polish.
  • Yours Bounce Back Toner and Cloud Factory Cleanser.

Watch @Jylocklear's live with Purbebe by Pursoma Friday at 6pm EST on the app. "The fact that we’ll be going over the coffee polish, as well as their new baby/child line is so exciting. When I love something, I want everyone I love to experience it too, so I love that they created something I can share with my daughter."

Digital Detox SLEEP Bath Soak
Digital Detox
Digital Detox

Pursoma reviews from our community.

Don't miss this week's live sales and drops, and stay tuned for next week, when we'll tackle all things haircare!


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