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Show Us Your Graduation Look

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Covid-19 canceled many fun events like concerts, vacations, weddings, etc, but perhaps the most devastating cancelation was graduation. After students have been grinding for years, looking forward to the day they can dress in a cap and gown, hear their name, walk across a stage, and accept a diploma, they now have to settle for watching their name scroll across a computer screen. It’s very anti-climactic. Some schools have organized graduation parades, which is a great social distancing solution, but it still doesn’t compare to the centuries-old tradition that symbolizes success.

If you graduated this year, Supergreat wants to celebrate you. Create your would have been graduation makeup look. If you have your cap and gown, wear it. Tell us what you are graduating from. We're proud of you. If you’re in high school, tell us what your next step is (It’s okay if you don’t know yet). If you’re in college, tell us what your major was. Show us how you’re celebrating.

We know many of you graduated weeks ago and you may be feeling like your accomplishment has gone unnoticed. That's why we want to take a moment to highlight you and give you a sweet grad gift. We're offering 10 Supercoins to anyone who adds a review of their graduation makeup look to this editorial before June 24.

Here's mine for inspiration:

Congrats graduating class of 2020! Can't wait to see your glowing faces.


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