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The Very Best of Our Beauty Sales, According to Supergreat Staff

Being a Supergreat lover is a trap— albeit one that I’d gladly get stuck in—but every time there is a sale or drop, my wallet and coin count depletes, FAST. It’s easy when there are amazing live hosts and community members like the golden goddess Mona Marie who is sharing whatever new highlighter she’s obsessed with or Abby Wren convincing me that, yes, I do need another SUVA palette. The past week has been all about the best sales and discounts on the communities favorite products and brands, now we’re going to share with you our favorites. For this Staff Picks Tuesday, we’re sharing our favorite sales that you don’t want to miss on Supergreat. Oh, and if you missed any of the other sales this past week, don’t worry. They’re all available for purchase until midnight tonight.

Nic's Pick: Minori Minimalist Lip Duo

"Minori is all about creating high quality essentials to fit everyone’s makeup kit. Their Lip Gloss is no exception! This bundle includes the shade Dream, which you’ll be reaching for every single day, and Cozy, the kind of shade that gives you, you, but with a bit of extra. This duo has all your glossy bases covered, all while being vegan, cruelty-free and made in the USA!"

Cream Highligher
Lip Gloss
Cream Blush

Yracema's Pick: Ceremonia Aceite de Moska & Oil Mist Hair Oil Duo

"I love Ceremonia's Aceite de Moska because it was one of the first hair products (if not THE first!!) that made a difference in my hair. It brought out waves and curls in my hair that I didn't know existed, made my hair softer and shinier, and it smells amazing! I actually had to stop taking it because I have a pixie now and it was making my hair grow out too quickly!"
Aceite de Moska
Guava Leave-In Conditioner
Aceite de Moska

Susie's Pick: Kaja Beauty Bento Bundle

"I think this would make the perfect gift for anyone getting into makeup (or even a pro!), because it's got everything you need to make a perfect eyeshadow look. I got one when I was starting out and it made everything so simple! Plus-- they're so cute!!!"

Beauty Bento
Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush
Wink Stamp

Savannah's Pick: Freck Best of Freck Duo

"I loved Freck before meeting Remi (Freck Founder) and I love Freck even more after meeting her. First of all every product is something that doesn't already exist in the market and that's so important to me. If you're going to create a brand and make products, make it worth people's time! Second of all, every single Freck product works incredibly well—the Cactus Water toner and Rich Bitch moisturizer is my entire routine right now, full stop. Obviously she's a genius for being the first person to create a freckle tool, it looks incredibly natural and I use it every single time I wear makeup, and Cheekslime and Slimelight are two products that have the most payoff for the least amount of product that I have ever seen in all my beauty editor days. Also, Remi is just wonderful and sweet. Need I say a word more?"

On Repeat

Alexis' Pick: I Dew Care Mega Mighty Trio Bundle

"Face masks of all kinds are sort of my thing. I am always reaching for a sheet mask, clay mask, exfoliant mask, etc for a weekly treatment and to keep my skin hydrated, dewy, and oil free. I Dew Care is very, cue angelic music and the sky opening, their variety of masks and products makes it easy to target problem areas and have fun with their cute patterns. Also, they make the most comfortable and adorable spa headbands, so I can mask while keeping my hair out of the way."

I DEW CARE Kitten Peel-off Masks
Bear Headband Brown
Berry Groovy Mask
Be sure to let us know what your favorite sales have been, and who else you want to see have exclusive discounts on Supergreat!


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