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Finger-Painting Makeup Challenge: No Tools Allowed!

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We love our makeup brushes and we love our Beautyblenders, but what if —WHAT IF — they suddenly disappeared? Imagine a world without makeup tools. How would we execute those cut creases and flawless finish powders? Well, I'm sure we'd have to get creative. Makeup artists do it all the time. And in fact, applying certain cream makeup products with your fingers is more ideal to melt it into your skin for a more naturalistic finish (especially foundation and concealer).

Other things may not be so easy Brows? Mascara? Yikes. So maybe your finger-painted full face looks a little different, a bit more undone and minimalist, but let's see what creativity under limitations can do, shall we?

Revealer Concealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer
Color Drops Serum Blush
Colour Stick

I feel a wee bit naked without my brows and lashes waxed and coated, but I love the ease of creamy, blended pigments in a quick look. It's kind of freeing, you know?

CHALLENGE: Now it's your turn (duh)! Show us your best finger painted makeup looks! Everyone who adds their finger painting review below will get 20 coins, and only one review per person will be counted. Double check to make sure you've added your review to the Community Responses. You have until November 17th to participate!


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