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It seems like having a signature look is one of the most effective ways to become an icon (aside from having buckets of talent and putting in loads of hard work). Don’t believe me? Look at Ariana Grande and her 32 inch ponytail, Twiggy with her exaggerated lower lashes, or Kim Kardashian with her shapeshifting contour. These women are easily recognizable by their beauty looks alone. That is incredibly powerful, but unless you have a team behind you, developing your signature makeup look takes time and experimentation, which is why we are issuing this challenge—to help you get one step closer to finding yours!

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a little guide to help get you going:

What is a signature makeup look?
A signature makeup look is simply the makeup you want people to picture you wearing when they think of you. It does not have to be extremely bold or unique. It can be as simple as enhancing your natural, fluffy brows with brow gel to make them look even fluffier or giving your skin a glass-like finish. What’s important when considering your signature makeup is that it is something you can easily wear every single day and something that feels true to you and how you want others to see you.

What are the benefits of having a signature makeup look?
Having a signature makeup look is a lot like being a cartoon character in the best possible way. In most cartoons, the characters wear the same clothes every episode. This not only helps with character recognition and identity, but it also creates less work for the animators who don’t have to dream up hundreds of new outfits. Similarly, having a signature makeup look can help solidify your identity to others and it cuts on the amount of time you spend thinking about your makeup every morning since you’re doing the same look every single day.

How do you find your signature makeup look?
I wish I could tell you there was a straightforward path to finding your signature makeup look, but it’s really about knowing who you are, how you want to be perceived by others, and the amount of effort you want to put into your makeup each morning. My advice is to take a look at your everyday makeup routine and see if there’s a way you can add a little spice to it. For me, that was simply swapping out my black eyeliner for red eyeliner. It doesn’t add any extra time to my morning routine, but it has a big impact. Here’s my review:

CHALLENGE: Show us your signature makeup look. It doesn’t have to be anything complex, but it should be something that is uniquely you. Don’t have a signature makeup look? Try out signature makeup looks from your favorite celebrities instead. Who knows? It might bring you closer to figuring out your own. Add your review below telling us what products you used. One winner will receive 100 Supercoins and everyone else will receive 20 for participation. Only one entry per person will be counted. You have until January 29th to enter!


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