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Evah Destruction's Maleficent Challenge

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I hope for your sake that you didn't miss last night's live event with the self-proclaimed chameleon glamour clown of Dallas, Texas, Evah Destruction.

Evah was one of the Season 3 contestants of "The Boulet Brothers' DRAGULA"—you can binge the show on Netflix although it will be moving to Shudder, and respectfully, it's mandatory viewing.

I learned so much from last night's tutorial it's honestly hard to recap it all—some of my takeaways were that eye bags are most definitely cute (you should actually accentuate them), unfilled spots in one's eyeliner and the tops of ones lashes (known as dust pan lashes) are not acceptable (mascara the tops of your lashes too), and that thick eyebrows make you look younger (which, true).

Evah Destruction created this look and she wants you to recreate it—or she'll flatten your head with a high striker hammer.

CHALLENGE: Recreate this look and we'll give you 50 coins! Evah Destruction will choose one winner who will get 200 coins—you have until 11/05 to enter, and only one entry per person will be counted. Happy Spookygreat, and GOOD LUCK!


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