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Nic's Elvira Mistress of the Dark Challenge

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Spooky pals it’s time! Bring out the cobweb decorations, the carved pumpkins, and all your favorite scary movies because it’s officially Halloween. This year we are bringing you Spookygreat—see what we did there—a month-long event where we will be having the coolest challenges, live hosts, live challenges, and so much more. So buckle up because the fun is going to be running from October 4th until the coveted day itself on October 31st. Each week there will be a different theme, so be sure to follow us on Instagram @supergreatpp to see what’s coming next.
We’re finally here, the last week of Spookygreat and it’s going out with a bang! Welcome to Build-A-Queen week, inspired by all things Drag. Every participant will get 50 coins and one winner chosen by Nic will get 200 coins, and as always only one entry per person, per challenge, will be counted.
IG @rhoudeboy

IG @rhoudeboy

What Drag means to me

The age old question! Philosophers have tried to elucidate this mystery for centuries with little success. Here’s my take: it’s drag makeup if you say it’s drag makeup. To me, drag is more about a transformative process of embodying a character, or bringing a part of yourself to light. I don’t think there’s one way to do drag, or to do drag makeup. For some, it’s turning yourself into a literal monster (@abbywrenartistry, I see you). For others, it’s throwing on mascara and a clear gloss for the first time on Halloween in 2010, and going on to win a lip sync showdown to Jessica Simpson’s Public Affair… That’s a very personal example, but you get the gist.

How I achieved this iconic lewk

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup, Classic Ivory, 0.68 fl. oz.
Wonder Stick
Boy Brow

Presenting THE Mistress of the Dark:

I’ve always loved Elvira. Even before I saw any of her content, she fascinated me. She’s spooky, she’s hot, and she’s gay... I use the term “icon” very liberally, but in Elvira’s case it really applies. Let me tell you, I was not made for intricate liner work! Not only does Elvira’s iconic (see, I really do throw it around all the time) makeup look have a fully cat eye liner, she also draws huge lashes on her lids with liner.

The products I used:


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup, Classic Ivory, 0.68 fl. oz.

The removal process:

Normally I am a mess of glitter after getting into drag, and proceed to use 4 to 5 makeup remover options, tape for the glitter, and a shower to rid myself of the glamour. However, I recently got the Seoul Cleansing Balm from The Beauty Spy during their Live on Supergreat and this thing is a one stop shop for removing my entire face. It got everything off in one go, didn’t leave my skin feeling stripped, and was just a good time.

Halloween Fun

My favourite part of Halloween is hands down creating looks, getting absolutely stupid with it and having fun. What are my Halloween costumes this year you may be wondering? I’m so glad you asked. My top 2 are: Nicole Kidman leaving her divorce attorney’s office (google it) and Sharpay Evans because I’ve convinced my boyfriend to be Ryan Evans.

Don't disappoint the Mistress!

Show me your best Elvira inspired makeup, or another dramatic icon. Regardless step out of your comfort zone and go for it! You have until 11/05 to enter—GOOD LUCK!


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