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Disobedience Day Challenge!

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July 3rd is Disobedience Day—a day that is all about breaking the rules, living a little, and doing whatever the heck you want without asking for permission!

When I was thinking about how I could link Disobedience Day to a makeup challenge, my memory immediately went to my high school days. I went to a strict high school with uniforms (which included skirts that teachers were really weirdly into measuring). We weren't allowed to wear makeup, paint our nails, or wear "big" jewelry. It was super lame, and this was a time when I was very much into MAC, blue eyeshadow (still am) and thick black eyeliner. Emo was the moment, and it killed me that I couldn't express that through my makeup.

So now that I'm grown and realize how stupid and outdated these rules are, I'm creating a look for my inner teenager! I never would have done this specific look back then, but I DO WHAT I WANT. It's Disobedience Day! I have to!

In this look I used About Face Shadowsticks—this new makeup brand (Halsey's, btw) is really doing things differently. Their products come in unique shades and formulas that really set the brand apart from the rest of the celebrity beauty brand pack. The Shadowsticks are easy to use and really pigmented, and Live Host Abbywrenartistry's review of their Matte Fluid Eye Paint made me want every single shade.

Here's my disobedient look.

CHALLENGE: Create a makeup look that disobeys the rules! It doesn't matter what that means: whether it's a makeup application "rule," or it's something you weren't allowed to do in the past (or present), I want to see you do what you want! Share your story and say frigg off to the man! All participants will get 20 coins and one winner will get 100. Only one entry per person will be counted, and you have until 07/09 to enter. HAVE FUN!


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