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Describe Your Favorite Fragrance Challenge!

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Some of the best challenge ideas come from the minds of our staff. The other day, Susie messaged me and said it would be fun if we challenged our community to describe a fragrance. Fun, but also incredibly difficult.

Describing what we see, hear, or taste, is a lot easier than describing what we smell—unless you're a perfumer. Most people don't know what note they're picking up on, and tend to go for generalizations like "floral," "strong," "sweet," or "musky." So Susie wanted to challenge you all to describe the notes, feelings, or memories associated with your favorite fragrances, in the hopes of exercising our nose muscles.

Here's mine.

And here is Susie's.
CHALLENGE: Describe your favorite fragrance(s) and we'll give you 20 coins. Describe the ingredients, notes, vibes, settings, feelings, and memories that are associated with this smell. Only one entry will be counted for coins, but please feel free to enter as many times as you want. You have until 06/30 to enter. Have fun!


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