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Cute Makeup For Your Next Zoom Date

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If you were to travel back in time to February 2020, the phrase “Zoom date” would probably sound like complete gibberish. Virtual dating, along with working from home and online happy hours, was nowhere near standard practice.

Flash forward only a year and a few months, and we can assume that pretty much any social event will take place online. It’s a given.

Hopefully, this will not be the case forever—we might all go insane. Nevertheless, the best course of action right now is to accept and embrace the situation. If we’re going to be stuck socializing on Zoom for a while longer, we might as well look cute in the process.

Zoom and other video-calling apps have their pros and cons. Pros: you can wear sweatpants all day long, you never have to leave the house, and you get to hang out with your dog or cat 24/7. Cons: sometimes, looking good on Zoom is hard.

Whether it’s bad lighting, weird angles, or a poor WiFi connection, it feels like there’s always something that goes wrong on video calls. So, if you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming Zoom date, we can’t blame you—making a good impression via a webcam is tough.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have put together tons of makeup ideas, tips, and tricks for your next Zoom date. Read on to calm your first-date nerves and learn how to put your best face forward.


Let’s start with the basics: foundation, the literal basis of any makeup look. Most of the time, in normal, in-person life, we want our foundation to look even, natural, and smooth. The same goes for Zoom calls, but the key difference here is that video-call lighting.

If you don’t have a space with optimal, flattering lighting, you may risk appearing overly shiny on your call. Applying a matte foundation will help you avoid that issue.

An oil-free, mattifying foundation that provides buildable coverage but still feels lightweight would be ideal for video calls. Ideally, this will fight off shininess and give you dewy, glowing skin.


Honestly, we’re all about keeping it simple and easy with Zoom makeup. Sometimes, a full face of foundation isn’t even necessary. If you’re feeling good about your shine levels, then you may just want to stick with concealer alone.

Whether you decide to wear foundation or not, applying under-eye concealer is vital. This will ensure that you look well-rested and energized for the date ahead. Plus, putting on concealer under your eyes and on any stand-out blemishes may give you a little extra boost of confidence for a nerve-wracking date.

Let’s be real—we all gaze at ourselves in that little on-screen box instead of looking at everyone else on the call. So, when you inevitably scrutinize your own reflection, you won’t be bothered by any perceived blemishes.


Another major problem with Zoom is its tendency to make everyone and everything look washed out. While an in-person date lets you show off your skin’s natural glow, video chats make that a little tougher.

That’s where highlighter comes in. Even in normal circumstances, highlighter helps us breathe a little life back into our faces, even if we’re running on empty. This is true for Zoom, too. However, when it comes time for your call, you may want to apply just a bit more highlighter than usual. This will ensure that your typical ethereal glow translates to the screen.


Here’s one of the great things about Zoom: the camera is forgiving. Most laptop cameras just don’t pick up as much detail as our actual eyeballs do.

In real life, you might be nervous about going for a bold lip color. On a video date, though, you’re able to experiment without worrying so much about screwing up a look.

So, when you do your lips for a Zoom date, don’t be afraid to be bold. Go ahead and line your cupid’s bow with your natural shade, and then fill in your lips with a shiny gloss. Your lips should pick up the light from the laptop screen and really shine, making them appear bigger and fuller.

Alternatively, you may want to consider classic bold red lips. There’s no doubt that a dark crimson color will look incredible on camera and catch your date’s attention. Plus, since you won’t be eating out at a restaurant or drinking at a bar, you don’t have to worry about ruining your lip look.


Alright, moving onto blush, another important step in keeping your face looking vibrant and youthful on camera. Whatever you do, just don’t forget blush.

Firstly, you’ll want to use a warm shade. Cooler colors just don’t work as well on camera. Instead, go for a shade like coral or peach.

Apply your blush in the usual manner—along your cheekbones, towards the apples of your cheeks. You can even add a touch of blush across your eyelids and towards your temples, adding even more dimension and definition to your face.

Finally, if you’re aiming for a softer lip look, apply a bit of blush to your lips.


When it comes to Zoom calls, mascara is an essential tool for adding definition to the eyes and face.

Before swiping on your mascara, be sure to curl your lashes. This will ensure that you look awake and engaged. Then, grab your favorite black mascara and apply it generously. You want your lashes to look voluminous and bold, so they really show up on camera.

Here’s an essential pro-tip: apply your mascara in front of your laptop or phone camera, wherever you’re planning to sit for the date. This method should give you a solid idea of how your lashes will appear on the screen.

Alternatively, there’s one more method that’s sure to make your eyes stand out on a virtual date: false lashes. We know it requires a lot more effort, but it may be the opportune time to go down that road. Since you’ll be sitting in front of a screen all night, you won’t have to worry about potential mishaps while out and about. So, why not?!


As always, brows can make or break your look.

Honestly, doing your brows before a Zoom date is basically the same as any other occasion. We suggest grooming them with your favorite brow brush and then filling them in as-needed with a fine pencil.

Again, it may be helpful to examine your face through your laptop camera before hopping on that call. Even if your brows look perfect in the mirror, they may require some extra love to look just right on screen.


Right now, bold, bright eyeshadow looks are all the rage. If that’s something you're into, a Zoom date would be the perfect time to experiment.

Test out different looks beforehand until you find one that fits the first-date vibe.

More Tips for Your Next Zoom Date

Once you’ve perfected your makeup for the night, the next step is to create the ideal Zoom setup. Dating online can be pretty strange and awkward, so taking small steps to achieve a more comfortable vibe for the event makes a huge difference.

Here are some of our top tips to make sure your date runs smoothly:

  • Prepare your Zoom space beforehand. Okay, this one seems obvious—this is basically rule number one for video calls. Just remember that you will save yourself a lot of stress by finding the best lighting, angles, and background for your date ahead of time.

  • Consider using eye drops before your date. This one isn’t so intuitive. The camera tends to emphasize red and pink tones, so it may pick up on those tones (even slight ones) in your eyes. Using eye drops will keep your eyes looking bright and healthy.

  • Make sure your WiFi connection is solid. Constant buffering and frozen screens instantly turn any Zoom date awkward, so keep that connection strong.

  • Match your makeup to your outfit. This is a fun way to get creative with your style and show off your personality through fashion. Plus, since you’ll be on Zoom, you only have to worry about coordinating your top half.

  • Spritz on your favorite perfume. Finally, spraying a bit of your favorite perfume may help you relax and get into that first-date mindset. The other person can’t smell it, but so what? It’s called self-care.

Wrapping It Up

In this pandemic era of all-Zoom everything, virtual dating is pretty much the new norm. It’s exciting, fun, awkward, and confusing all at the same time. However, one thing’s for sure: perfecting your makeup before a virtual meetup will leave you feeling a hundred times more confident and relaxed.

If you try out any of these tips, be sure to let us know your thoughts or drop a review. Good luck!

Have you created any perfect Zoom date looks? Do you have the perfect lipstick, gloss, or blush to recommend? Add your review below!


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