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The Highlight Reel

5 Community Members We're Obsessed With Right Now Vol. 2

by @vanzillascott
Jun 03, 2021


You know what we're here for—to tell you guys about people we're obsessed with. Volume 1 was a lovefest, so here we are with yet another list of community members that you need to follow if you want to get the best advice, tips, and honest reviews out there.

My choice:

TheSavvySpecialist—it's in the name guys. This reviewer has so much knowledge about products, they're always 100% honest and I absolutely love when people do a full makeup transformation in one review. Also, I actually screamed when I saw their fragrance looks like a store. It's color coded!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH

Michelle's choice:

"I just know that Haley is a wizard. The things they could do with the palettes they review—baby, I WISH."

Abi's choice:

"WakeupMakeup is always so supportive in the comments of lives and shares a lot about their life and experiences with different products. Plus, they're like the emoji queen of Supergreat. Almost every comment has about 5 emoji and every review is always decorated with a frame of emojis and stickers."

Eliza's choice:

"I’m obsessed with Sodapantsss because they make me cackle like a wild banshee screeching at the moon with their comments during Lives, which is how they first got on my radar. Since then I’ve been so impressed with their honest and thoughtful reviews. It’s been inspiring to watch them break out of their comfort zone! 10/10 want them to be my alien overlord which is why I selected them to be a SuperHost on the app!"

Susie's choice:

"Nailsbycarleigh has some of the most in-depth reviews I’ve seen on the app. I’m talking facts, demos, before and afters. Plus, they always bring a really upbeat vibe to every review. What’s not to love?!"

Stay tuned for Community Members We're Obsessed With Right Now Vol. 3, give these Supergreaters a follow, and keep making awesome reviews! We're watching 👀

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