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Community Challenge: Duke's 'Past The Socket' Challenge

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"You know, I cannot help myself. Once I start laying down some color, I. Just. Can't. Stop. Maybe it's because I like to color outside the lines. Maybe its because I don't like to be restrained. Or maybe it's because I am going it for the 'gram. But now I want you all to whip out your brushes and create an eye look the goes Beyond the Socket. Do not let the space between your lashes and brow restrict you, make use of more of your personal canvas. Now go and blend the rules..."

CHALLENGE: Create your very own Past The Socket makeup look! In the words of the great, wise Duke: "Blend the rules." You have until 04/01 to enter, and Duke will be choosing the 100 coin winner. Everyone who participates gets 20 coins, and only one entry per person will be counted. GOOD LUCK AND GET WILD.

2 Hint Hint Skin Tint
Morphe X Nikita Artistry Palette
Scrunchie Hydra Line


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