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Bow Down to Queen JaleesaJaikaran As Cleopatra

Happy Halloween SG! We know, it's felt like Halloween for all of October, but it's finally here for real and we have a tutorial by makeup artist JaleesaJaikaran to seal the deal. We really should be calling her Queen Jaleesa, not only because of her perfect recreation of the ruler of the kingdom of Egypt, but because of her amazing makeup skills and that glow. We bow down!

"I picked Cleopatra because she was an iconic figure," says Jaikaran. "I believe we're all goddesses in our own right and she truly embodied that. What I like about her is that she was more than just a beauty, but a powerful leader that led troops into battle."

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this makeup look; her talent makes it look easy, but it's far from that. "I would say that make sure your liquid liner is pointy and applies product evenly. The wrong liquid liner could potentially mess up the detail under the eye." Sharpen your tools and steady your hands, Supergreat—because the best recreation of this look will be the winner of 300 Supercoins, and the Queen herself will be selecting the champion.

You have until Thursday, November 7th to recreate this look for the chance to win 300 Supercoins. All you have to do to enter is post a photo of yourself as Cleopatra on Instagram, tag @supergreatapp, and nominate a friend to enter the challenge. Good luck! 🎃

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